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 The University of Pennsylvania Police Department
Community Crime Report

About the Crime Report: Below are all Crimes Aginst Persons and Crimes Against Society from the campus report for August 27 through September 2, 2001 . Prior weeks' reports are also online. --Ed.

This summary is prepared by the Division of Public Safety and includes all criminal incidents reported and made known to the University Police Department between the dates of August 27 through September 2, 2001 . The University Police actively patrol from Market Street to Baltimore Avenue and from the Schuylkill River to 43rd Street in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police. In this effort to provide you with a thorough and accurate report on public safety concerns, we hope that your increased awareness will lessen the opportunity for crime. For any concerns or suggestions regarding this report, please call the Division of Public Safety at (215) 898-4482.

8/27/2001 12:06 PM Theft 3450 Hamilton Walk Various tools taken
8/27/2001 10:21 AM Theft 3340 Smith Walk Currency taken from unattended bag
8/27/2001 5:33 PM Theft 3301 Spruce St Bike taken
8/27/2001 8:33 PM Retail Theft 4001 Walnut St Merchandise taken without payment/arrest
8/28/2001 9:20 AM Theft 200 blk S 37th Bike taken
8/28/2001 11:32 AM Theft 3850 Spruce St Bike taken
8/28/2001 2:26 PM Theft 3451 Walnut St Envelope containing cash/checks taken
8/28/2001 4:19 PM Theft 421 Curie Blvd Currency taken from wallet
8/28/2001 5:18 PM Theft 3817 Spruce St Bike taken
8/28/2001 8:23 PM Theft 3700 Spruce St Currency taken from wallet
8/28/2001 9:55 PM Theft 3700 Spruce St Currency taken
8/29/2001 12:01 AM Theft 4001 Spruce St Wallet and pager taken
8/29/2001 1:30 PM Theft 3960 Pine St Clock radio taken
8/29/2001 7:24 PM Harassment 220 S 43rd St Complainant harassed by ex-boyfriend
8/30/2001 12:40 PM Theft 3409 Walnut St Backpack and contents taken
8/30/2001 7:18 PM Theft 4001 Walnut St Property taken from auto
8/30/2001 9:30 PM Burglary 4037 Spruce St Clothing/jewelry taken from residence
8/30/2001 8:30 PM Drug Offense 3948 Delancey St 2 males with marijuana arrested
8/31/2001 8:38 AM Burglary 4101 Baltimore Door forced/playstation taken
8/31/2001 9:36 AM Theft 4001 Walnut St Stereo system and sunglasses taken
8/31/2001 3:10 PM Retail Theft 110 S. 36th St Shirts taken without payment/arrest
8/31/2001 3:10 PM Conspiracy 100 S. 34th St Persons attempting to take merchandise/2 arrested
9/1/2001 11:01 AM Contempt Court 3819 Chestnut St Suspicious males with property/one wanted on warrant/arrest
9/2/2001 12:12 AM Recov. AUto 38th/Spruce Sts Driver of stolen auto arrested
9/2/2001 12:52 AM Vandalism 3800 blk Chestnut Window to bus broken by unknown male
9/2/2001 8:02 AM Theft 4044 Spruce St Bike taken

18th District Crimes Against Persons

9 incidents and 2 arrests (including 3 robberies & 4 aggravated assault and 2 rapes) were reported between August 27 and September 2, 2001 by the 18th District covering the Schuylkill River to 49th Street and Market Street to Woodland Avenue.
8/27/2001 3:00 AM 4200 Chester Robbery
8/28/2001 3:58 AM 237 48th St Aggravated Assault
8/28/2001 4:00 AM 5100 Market Robbery
8/30/2001 7:06 PM 1018 48th St Aggravated Assault/Arrest
8/30/2001 9:05 AM 126 49th St Rape
8/31/2001 3:22 PM 3400 Spruce St Robbery
9/1/2001 9:16 PM 5009 Cedar Aggravated Assault/Arrest
9/2/2001 4:00 AM 4900 Pine Aggravated Assault
9/2/2001 11:15 PM 4700 Springfield Rape

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 3, September 11, 2001



September 11, 2001
Volume 48 Number 3

Dr. Afaf Meleis--a prominent medical sociologist and specialist in women's health issues--will become the Dean of the School of Nursing in January.
Dr. Richard Gelles--a leading researcher in the study of family violence has been named Interim Dean of the School of Social Work.
Lucy Momjian is now Associate Vice President for Finance and Treasury Management.
Jack Shannon is named Associate Vice President in the Office of the Executive Vice President.
Dr. Battistini, director of Penn Health for Women, dies in a motor vehicle accident.
Convocation 2001: President Judith Rodin and Provost Robert Barchi welcome the Class of 2005.
Council Year-end Committee Reports: Admissions and Financial Aid as well as Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics are both on the agenda of this week's Council Meeting.
Penn moves up in the latest U.S. News rankings of the nation's best universities to its highest ever ranking.
A noisy night in the neighborhood prompted a Speaking Out letter and two responses.
Code Red Alert: Preventing a computer worm is possible with these steps.
The Models of Excellence program wants nominations to recognize staff achievements from the previous academic year.