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Annual Report of the Steering Committee for University Council 2000-2001

This is the twenty-third annual report of the Steering Committee of University Council, prepared in accordance with a requirement in the Council Bylaws that the Steering Committee publish an annual report to the University community that reviews the previous year’s Council deliberations and highlights "both significant discussions and the formal votes taken on matters of substance."

September Meeting

In accordance with the bylaws, Council selected and ranked focus issues for the 2000-2001 academic year.

The Committee on Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics presented its 1999-2000 year-end committee report.

Alcohol Policy Coordinator Ms. Stephanie Ives presented the 1999-2000 Year One Alcohol Progress Report.

Provost Robert Barchi and Vice President for Facilities and Real Estate Services Omar Blaik presented an update on the Campus Development Plan.

October Meeting

Co-Chairs Professor Phoebe Leboy and Associate Provost Barbara Lowery presented Council with a progress report on the Faculty Gender Equity Committee.

In accordance with the bylaws, the president, the provost and other administrators presented extended reports covering the state of the University.

President Judith Rodin’s annual State of the University report addressed issues including FY 2000 progress, undergraduate admissions, research funding, international research/global perspective, fundraising, rankings, the Campus Development Plan, and FY 2001 initiatives, such as strategic initiatives, student life, neighborhood initiatives, and P2B.

Provost Robert Barchi’s annual State of the University report addressed issues including admissions, research, academic initiatives, academic facilities, campus life, and the future.

The Committees on Pluralism and Admissions and Financial Aid presented 1999-2000 year-end committee reports.

November Meeting

Vice President for Facilities and Real Estate Services Omar Blaik updated Council on the University recycling program; the new Capital Planning Approval Process; and deferred maintenance, now referred to as facilities renewal.

Executive Vice President John Fry presented crime statistics and Interim Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush presented strategies in place for community and neighborhood safety.

Mr. Fry also reported on the status of the Sundance Cinema project.

The Committee on Facilities presented its interim report on the Campus Development Plan 2000.

December Meeting

Facilities Services provided an overview of its activities with regard to capital needs and improving accessibility to campus facilities. The Vice Provost for University Life (VPUL) provided Council with an interim status report on University services to students with disabilities.

The Committee on Manufacturer Responsibility reported on its recommendation to President Rodin to join both the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) and the Fair Labor Association (FLA).

Council held its annual open forum with speakers and discussion on the Penn Students Against Sweatshop’s (PSAS)’s response to the committee process; allocation of space for Facilitating Learning About Sexual Health (FLASH) and the Office of Health Education; increased Latino representation on University Council; women’s safety and security; and the BioPond and the new Life Sciences building. Speakers were either directed to appropriate resources immediately, or assured their issues would be taken up in Steering and/or appropriate Council committees in the near future.

January Meeting

Steering agreed to cancel the January Council meeting since there were no items ready for discussion.

February Meeting

UA Chair Michael Bassik reported on the UA’s resolution to amend its bylaws for the allocation of one of its University Council seats to the chair of the undergraduate Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) and three seats to organizations to be appointed by the NEC.

Laurie Olin, Principal of Olin Partnership, Ltd. and Practice Professor of Land Architecture and Regional Planning, presented the green space component of the Campus Development Plan.

College Dean Richard Beeman and Michele Goldfarb, Director of the Office of Student Conduct (OSC), provided Council with information on the Family Education and Privacy Act (FERPA) changes and the Penn community’s opinions/comments.

March Meeting

In accordance with the bylaws, President Rodin, Provost Barchi, and Vice President for Budget and Management Analysis Michael Masch presented extended reports on budgets and plans for the next academic year.

The Committee on International Programs presented its 2000-2001 recommendations.

UA Chair Michael Bassik, Randall Couch, Manager of Information Systems and Computing (ISC) Communications Group Designs, and UA member Eric Chen reported on the Penn On-Line Calendar improvements.

April Meeting

Chair Gerald Porter presented the report of the Task Force on Privacy of Personal Information.

The Committee on Personnel Benefits presented its 2000-2001 interim report.

The Committees on Bookstores, Communications, and Safety and Security presented 2000-2001 year-end committee reports.

Special Meeting

A special meeting of University Council was convened on April 25, 2001 in order for Council to hear more committee year-end reports during the current academic year rather than the next year.

The Committees on Community Relations, Libraries, Pluralism, and Quality of Student Life presented 2000-2001 year-end reports.

In accordance with the bylaws, Council held a preliminary discussion of focus issues to be discussed in the 2001-2002 academic year.

– Leslie Laird Kruhly, Secretary to the Steering Committee


Summary of 2000-2001 University Council Resolutions and Recommendations and Administrative Actions Taken on Them

"RESOLVED, that at the first fall meeting of the Council, the Secretary shall distribute to the Council the actions of Council passed during the previous academic year, including a list of all recommendations and resolutions, the implementation of which would require administrative action. The president or the provost shall indicate what action they have taken or plan to take with respect to each recommendation and resolution."

(University Council: May 8, 1974)

Resolutions from the 2000-2001 Academic Year

No resolutions were proposed for Academic Year 2000-2001.

– Leslie Laird Kruhly, Secretary to University Council


Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 3, September 11,2001


September 11, 2001
Volume 48 Number 3

Dr. Afaf Meleis--a prominent medical sociologist and specialist in women's health issues--will become the Dean of the School of Nursing in January.
Dr. Richard Gelles--a leading researcher in the study of family violence has been named Interim Dean of the School of Social Work.
Lucy Momjian is now Associate Vice President for Finance and Treasury Management.
Jack Shannon is named Associate Vice President in the Office of the Executive Vice President.
Dr. Battistini, director of Penn Health for Women, dies in a motor vehicle accident.
Convocation 2001: President Judith Rodin and Provost Robert Barchi welcome the Class of 2005.
Council Year-end Committee Reports: Admissions and Financial Aid as well as Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics are both on the agenda of this week's Council Meeting.
Penn moves up in the latest U.S. News rankings of the nation's best universities to its highest ever ranking.
A noisy night in the neighborhood prompted a Speaking Out letter and two responses.
Code Red Alert: Preventing a computer worm is possible with these steps.
The Models of Excellence program wants nominations to recognize staff achievements from the previous academic year.