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 The University of Pennsylvania Police Department
Community Crime Report

About the Crime Report: Below are all Crimes Aginst Persons and Crimes Against Society from the campus report for August 13 through August 19, 2001 . Prior weeks' reports are also online. --Ed.

This summary is prepared by the Division of Public Safety and includes all criminal incidents reported and made known to the University Police Department between the dates of August 13 through August 19, 2001 . The University Police actively patrol from Market Street to Baltimore Avenue and from the Schuylkill River to 43rd Street in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police. In this effort to provide you with a thorough and accurate report on public safety concerns, we hope that your increased awareness will lessen the opportunity for crime. For any concerns or suggestions regarding this report, please call the Division of Public Safety at (215) 898-4482.

8/13/2001 1:03 AM Driving Und. Influence Unit block S 34th Intoxicated driver/arrested
8/13/2001 3:09 AM Theft 400 S. 41st Property taken from auto
8/13/2001 10:16 AM Theft 3450 Hamilton Unsecured backpack taken
8/13/2001 12:57 PM Theft 3417 Spruce St Drill taken
8/13/2001 1:59 PM Vandalism 255 S. 36th St Drawings carved into door
8/13/2001 4:47 PM Theft Convention/Civic Property taken from auto
8/14/2001 2:25 AM Vandalism 3900 Chestnut St Males blocking highway/2 Arrests
8/14/2001 11:00 AM Theft 3550 Hamilton AM/FM radio taken
8/14/2001 5:32 PM Contempt of Court 225 S. 42nd Male wanted on Bench Warrant/Arrest
8/14/2001 6:03 PM Indecent Exposure 32nd/Chancellor Report of male exposing himself
8/14/2001 10:07 PM Driving Und. Influence 41st/Sansom Intoxicated driver/Arrest
8/15/2001 9:26 AM Theft 3451 Walnut St Visa and check card taken
8/15/2001 4:23 PM Attempt Theft 3340 Smith Walk Males attempted to take bike/4 Arrested
8/16/2001 2:17 AM Harassment by Communic. 101 S. 39th St Unwanted calls received
8/16/2001 12:01 PM Theft 3401 Spruce St Property taken from desk drawer
8/16/2001 1:34 PM Indecent Exposure 233 S. 33rd St Report of male exposing himself
8/16/2001 11:29 PM Contempt Of Court 3700 blk Spruce Male wanted on warrant/Arrest
8/17/2001 7:44 AM Burglary 3900 Chestnut St Storage area forced open/property taken
8/17/2001 10:41 AM Theft 4001 Spruce St Dental tools taken
8/17/2001 11:10 AM Retail Theft 4001 Walnut St Merchandise taken without payment/Arrest
8/17/2001 12:01 PM Theft 128 S 36th St Wallet taken while dining
8/17/2001 12:45 PM Theft 421 Curie Blvd Secured bike taken
8/17/2001 2:46 PM Theft 421 Curie Blvd Currency removed from wallet
8/17/2001 4:04 PM Theft 4000 blk Pine Property taken from auto
8/17/2001 8:22 PM Theft 3817 Spruce St Cooler and beverages taken
8/18/2001 3:15 AM Robbery 40th/Spruce Purse taken by unknown male
8/18/2001 3:51 AM Harassment 3465 Sansom St Calls from unknown caller
8/18/2001 7:32 AM Burglary 3900 Chestnut St Storage door pried/2 way radios taken
8/19/2001 2:16 AM Disorderly Conduct 38th/Ludlow Males acting disorderly/pushed police/2 Arrests
8/19/2001 2:48 AM Robbery 4201 Walnut St Property taken by male with gun
8/19/2001 8:23 PM Theft 3900 Delancey St Secured bike taken

18th District Crimes Against Persons

8 incidents and 1 arrest (including 6 robberies & 1 aggravated assault and 1 homicide) were reported between August 13 and August 19, 2001 by the 18th District covering the Schuylkill River to 49th Street and Market Street to Woodland Avenue.

8/13/2001 5:03 AM 4600 Linmore Homicide
8/13/2001 9:13 PM 4641 Chestnut Robbery
8/17/2001 11:48 AM 24 46th St. Robbery
8/18/2001 1:40 PM 229 Buckingham Aggravated Assault/Arrest
8/18/2001 8:50 PM 5100 Walton Robbery
8/18/2001 5 :00 PM 4600 Larchwood Robbery
8/19/2001 2:48 AM 4201 Walnut Robbery
8/19/2001 11:15 PM 3400 Chestnut Robbery

Almanac, Vol. 48, No. 2, September 4, 2001



September 4, 2001
Volume 48 Number 2

Dr. Arthur H. Rubenstein--an accomplished physician, diabetes researcher and academic leader--is the new EVP for UPHS and dean of the School of Medicine.
Dr. Anita A. Summers, professor emeritus, is the University's new Ombudsman.
Robin H. Beck is now vice president of ISC.
The French Institute has a new director: Dr. Jean H. Gallier, professor of CIS.
The annual Undergraduate Admissions seminars for Penn families with college-bound children take place today and Thursday.
It is time to plan ahead for BEN Financials, the new way to do business at Penn.
A report to the President and Provost Concerning Services to Students with Disabilities includes a dozen recommendations.
Responding to suspicious packages and bomb scares
Some Penn researchers are studying brain injury, cancer cells, firearm violence, and software development while others are finding a new dinosaur.