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Restoring the Bio Pond

You may have noticed "Save the BioPond Garden" flyers posted around the campus claiming that the planned biology/psychology building will be constructed on the current site of the BioPond. I want to assure the Penn community that this new building poses no threat to the pond and surrounding garden and that the beautiful BioPond will continue to be a "precious, quiet oasis" on campus.

Every member of the committee responsible for the building of this new life sciences facility is acutely aware of the need to preserve this unique retreat in the center of the city. The design of the facility takes into consideration the needs of the BioPond and will prominently feature the garden as part of the entrance. The BioPond has many forceful advocates on the committee, including Dr. Andrew Binns, chair of the Biology Department. Dr. Binns has been working very closely with Ms.Tracy Byford, who oversees the Garden and greenhouses, to restore and enhance the BioPond. Some of this work is already underway, and perhaps the recent dredging of the pond was misinterpreted by some as the beginning of construction on that site.

Our efforts to restore and maintain the BioPond have been greatly enhanced by a very generous gift from Dick W'43 and Jeanne Kaskey. I hope that everyone in the Penn community will join us in May when the frogs and eels return to their habitat and the BioPond is dedicated as the James Kaskey Memorial Park.

--David P. Balamuth, Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

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Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 12, November 14, 2000

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