19 Rachel's Daughters: Searching for the Causes of Breast Cancer; discussion by Barbara DeLuca, Linda Creed Breast Cancer Foundation; 7:30 p.m.; Greenfield Intercultural Center (Linda Creed Breast Cancer Found.; LGBTC; Health Education; Panhellenic Council; Women's Center; Medicine; Nursing; SOMA; Women's Health; Women's Studies).

Modern Language Program

TV Lounge of 1925 Manor, Gregory College House.

17 Men; German w/ English subtitles; 9 p.m.

19 Bab el-Oued City; Arabic w/ English subtitles; 7:30 p.m.

24 Anna; Russian w/ English subtitles; 5 p.m.


19 Old Times; directed by Cary Mazer; 8 p.m.; Studio Theatre, Annenberg Center; $5; Info: (215) 898-3900. Also October 20-28 (Theatre Arts).


19 The SH3 Domain Hydrophobic Core: Amino Acid Conservation and Protein Folding; Alan R. Davidson, University of Toronto ; 4 p.m.; Reunion Hall, John Morgan Bldg. (Biochemistry & Biophysics).

  • Educating the Disenfranchised and the Dis-inherited: Samuel Chapman Armstrong and Hampton Institute, 1839-1893; Robert F. Engs, history; 4:30 p.m.; Center for the Study of Black Literature & Culture (Afro-American Studies; Center for the Study of Black Literature & Culture).
  • Mechanical Transduction by Channels: A Story from Patch Clamp to Patients; Eric Boder, chemical engineering; 4:30 p.m.; rm. 337, Towne Bldg. (Biochemistry & Biophysics; Bioengineering).
  • Remembering to Forget: Holocaust Memory Through the Camera's Eye; Barbie Zelizer, Annenberg; 5 p.m.; Bookstore (Penn Bookstore).
  • Latinos and the Elections; panel of Philadelphia Latino leaders; 7 p.m.; Ben Franklin Rm., Houston Hall (La Unidad Latina; Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity; Penn for Gore; Penn for Bush; Office of Student Life).

20 Landscape and Ideology; Renata Holod, history of art; 3 p.m.; Rich Seminar Room (201), Jaffe Bldg. (History of Art).

  • Gene and Immunotherapy for Cancer: Making the Tumor a Better Place to Die; Richard G. Vile, Mayo Clinic; 4-5 p.m.; Austrian Auditorium, Clinical Research Building (Institute for Human Gene Therapy).

23 Visual Imagery: A History; Laurent Gervereau, Musée d'Histoire; 4:30-6 p.m.; History Dept. Lounge, 3401 Walnut St. (French Institute for Culture & Technology).

24 Democracy and the Politics of Race; Manning Marable, Columbia; 6 p.m.; rm. 200, College Hall (African American Resource Center; Afro-American Studies; Office of Student Life; GIC; UMC).

  • Fighting Back: Inner-City Children in the Struggle for Their Lives; Jonathan Kozol, author; 7:30 p.m.; room B1, Meyerson Hall (Civic House).

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Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 8, October 17, 2000

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