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Above: The Temple of Love at the Swan Pond, Morris Arboretum.

Photo by Nick Kelsh.

Right: Great Window, Fisher Fine Arts Building, designed by Frank Furness.

Photo by Jay Maisel.


Launched in March 2000 by the Division of Business Services, offers Penn friends, affiliates, and admirers direct access to the many cultural resources and offerings of the University via the web. Through the site, on-line customers may purchase hand-crafted reproductions from the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, tickets for performances at the Annenberg Center, unique objects d'art from the Institute of Contemporary Art, great literature and scholarly publications from Penn Press, and a selection of merchandise from the Penn Bookstore.

Since its launch, the site has had approximately 1,500 visitors per week. Also featured on the page are banner advertisements/links for various University organizations. To become a shopatpenn link or to advertise on the site, please e-mail

University of Pennsylvania Collection

In May, the University unveiled a new line of Penn-branded merchandise under the University of Pennsylvania Collection. Most of the merchandise reflects a partnership between Business Services and various campus organizations, which provided content or inspiration for the design. The present line of Collection items includes:

  • Silk scarves and ties inspired by items in the University Museum of Archeology and Anthropology's Roman and Etruscan exhibits
  • Hand-crafted reproductions of ancient medical and legal tablets from the University Museum's collection
  • A selection of full-color framed prints of various campus scenes
  • Two note card assortments reflecting images of the campus and of the Morris Arboretum

Coming soon is a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts that will highlight unique campus events and traditions such as Hey Day.

All of the items in the current Collection line are available for sale at and in the Penn Bookstore. In addition, the University Museum-related items are for sale in the Museum gift shop and the note cards are sold at the Morris Arboretum. University affiliates who wish to purchase note cards in large quantities may e-mail

To make a merchandise recommendation for the University of Pennsylvania Collection, please send an e-mail to

At Left: Rock Wall Garden, part of the Morris Arboretum's Rose Garden.
Photo by Judith McKeon
Below, left: Class of 1894 Memorial Gate, 37th & Spruce Sts., Quadrangle Main Entrance.
Photo by Jay Maisel
Below, right: Gargoyle, Cornice of Quadrangle College Houses.
Photo by Greg Benson

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 6, October 3, 2000

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