Review Committee for Veterinary Medicine Dean

President Rodin and Provost Barchi have announced the membership of a review committee for School of Veterinary Medicine Dean Alan Kelly, who has completed his first six years in office.

The members are:

  • Jill Beech, Clinical Studies, NBC, Chair
  • Elizabeth Arbittier, 4th year VMD Program
  • Steven Bensinger, VMD/Ph.D. Program
  • Thomas Gemmill, Alumnus and Overseer
  • Mark Haskins, Professor, Pathobiology, Veterinary Medicine
  • Joan Hendricks, Professor, Clinical Studies, Phila., Veterinary Medicine
  • Adrian Morrison, Professor, Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine
  • Yvonne Paterson, Professor, Microbiology, Medicine
  • David Schmittlein, Professor, Marketing, Wharton
  • Richard Tannen, Senior Vice Dean, Medicine
  • Sally Zigmond, Professor, Biology, Arts and Sciences

Almanac, Vol. 47, No. 6, October 3, 2000

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