COUNCIL Year-End Reports on the April 26 Agenda

Report of the Safety and Security Committee, 1999-2000

The Safety and Security Committee (SSC) met five times during the year (includes last meeting, 4/19/00).

Bicycle and pedestrian safety has been an ongoing concern of the committee. A subcommittee had been active last year, tracking the progress of City plans to establish bicycle lanes on major streets adjacent to the campus. The City's timetable was apparently delayed because of Y2K issues. In the aftermath of two serious bicycle accidents near campus, a University Working Group was established. With three groups now dealing with the issue (including considerable overlap with the SSC membership), the SSC decided to avoid duplication of effort and defer to the more senior groups.

The committee received updates from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) on various issues including: the feasibility of installing alarms in every bathroom stall on campus; training standards for Penn Police; enhanced victims' services (processing/investigations by Penn Police rather than Philadelphia Police); and the Penn Public Safety Institute.

In the wake of two deadly fires at colleges in the area, the SSC asked DPS to present the current status of fire safety at Penn. Mr. Harry Cusick satisfied the committee that the University is already well prepared, and is embarking on an even more ambitious, pro-active fire safety program.

At each meeting, the Chair reported on activity of the Closed Circuit Video Monitoring Committee. Camera locations for Phase II of the project were approved and published in Almanac (November 16, 1999). Signage was approved and installation begun. There were no requests for tapes, and no official complaints were received. The DPS has instituted training programs for non-DPS video installations. The DPS is in compliance with the Video Policy adopted last year.

The SSC was not as productive this year as it has been in the past. The University Secretary's Office took on administrative support to the SSC, but a dedicated staff person was not identified until late in the year. More importantly, that well-qualified staff person had support responsibilities to senior entities within the University. These entities warranted much higher priority, leaving the committee with considerably less support than in prior years. I ask Council's help in ensuring adequate support for SSC in the future.

In addition, the work of the committee would be greatly enhanced if membership were more directly targeted to specific goals, outlined in the University Council charge to the committee. Specifically, I ask that Council encourage recruitment of members with a particular interest and perspective in women's safety issues. I have already asked current members of SSC to identify such individuals and encourage them to apply for membership next year. Should other issues appear in a special charge to the SSC next year, I ask that these issues be considered when determining SSC membership.

--Sean Kennedy, Chair

1999-2000 Committee Members

Chair: Sean Kennedy, anesthesia/medicine; Faculty: Karen Jehn, management; John Lepore, civil systems; Ponzy Lu, chemistry; Sean Nicholson, health care systems; Jerry Prince, Romance languages; Kenwyn Smith, social work; Margaret Sovie, nursing. Graduate/professional students: Jennifer Bible, SW '00; Sheen Levine, WHG '02. Undergraduate students: Garret Gleim, WH '01; Scott Cohen, C '00. PPSA: Ashra Markowitz, student & curricular affairs/veterinary; Joy Williams, campus card services. A-3: Loretta Miller, technical & information services, University life facilities. Ex officio: Jeanne Arnold, director, African American resource center; Doug Berger, director, residential living; Omar Blaik, vice president, facility services; Harry Cusick, director, fire & occupational safety; Elena DiLapi, director, Penn women's center; Mehaela Farcas, director, off-campus living; Robert Furniss, director, transportation & mail services.

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 30, April 25, 2000

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