COUNCIL Overview of the April 19 Meeting

At the April 19 Council meeting, the president and provost gave brief status reports: President Judith Rodin welcomed College junior Michael Bassik, the Undergraduate Assembly's new chair to Council. She also announced that Dental School Dean Ray Fonseca and Annenberg School Dean Kathleen Hall Jamieson have agreed to serve for two more years, extending their terms until 2003 pending approval of the Trustees.

Provost Robert Barchi said that the comment period for the Electronic Privacy Policy has been extended to allow for "complete discussion" (click here). He announced that he will support the construction of a rooftop basketball court at 38th and Spruce, which has been proposed by the Undergraduate Assembly. They will help with the funding of the construction which will begin by the end of the summer.

Steering Chair Larry Gross congratulated the Lindback award winners (Almanac April 18) and said that Steering has endorsed a committee to study gender equity and then one on minority equity.

GAPSA's Kendra Nicholson said that as a result of hosting the Ivy League Graduate Student leaders recently she realized what great rapport grad students here have with the administration. Several thousand students were involved with Graduate Student Week activities. She introduced GAPSA's new chair, Kyle Farley. Ms. Nicholson said she is pleased with the Veranda as the newly designated space for graduate student center (Almanac April 11).

Michael Silver, outgoing UA chair, reviewed the group's accomplishments this year citing the New Student Orientation, the bagel store, basketball court, UA Vision survey and collaboration with GAPSA. He also said seven minority students were elected to the UA and noted the continued need for cooperation with the UMC. Jerome Byam from the UMC noted the recent Minority Scholars Weekend and expressed pleasure with the Locust Walk recommendations.

Anna Loh, PPSA's Chair elect reported that Professional Development workshops will be held monthly beginning April 26 with Dr. Valarie Swain Cade McCoullum (at noon in Irvine Auditorium) and continuing with EVP John Fry next month (see May At Penn).

The Policy on Privacy in the Electronic Environment will be on the agenda of tomorrow's Council meeting; if a quorum is present there will be a vote.

Four Council committees reported: Bookstore, Communications, International Programs and Personnel Benefits. Two of the committees' reports--Bookstore and International Programs--were already published (Almanac April 18) and the other two--Communications and Personnel Benefits--will be published when they are available. Personnel Benefits has two more meetings scheduled this semester.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to the annual budget presentation by President Rodin and Provost Barchi. They spoke about the University's long-term financial planning-goals and priorities, how the budget supports the Agenda for Excellence, expenditures and revenue as well as challenges that must be met. The President cited more autonomy at the school level. This will be covered in next week's issue.

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 30, April 25, 2000

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