The University's internally-funded Research Foundation makes awards twice each year, reviewing proposals from faculty under the guidelines presented by the Vice Provost for Research in this issue. These guidelines are also available in each Dean's office, and are now on the Web at Below are the researchers whose work was chosen for funding in the Spring Cycle 1999.

Research Foundation Awards Spring 1999

 Mark B. Adams, History & Sociology of Science, SAS; The Soviet Nature-Nurture Debate: Eugenics and Medical Genetics in Russia, 1900-1990

Hydar Ali, Pathology, Medicine; Mechanism of Mast Cell Chemokine Production

Michael Awkward, et al., English, SAS; The Endlessly Beckoning Horizon: Afro-American Literature at the End of the Twentieth Century

Leon Axel, et al, Radiology, Medicine; Development of a Small Animal Rabbit Model of Cardiac Function Using High Field MRI with Tissue-Tagging

Paul H. Axelsen, Pharmacology, Medicine; Preparative Peptide Purification

Eugenie L. Birch, City and Regional Planning, GSFA; Downtown Living: A Deeper Look

Dawn A. Bonnell, Materials Science & Engineering, SEAS; Dynamic Properties at Atomic Resolution in STM

Francis Brevart, German, SAS; Wonderdrugs and Miracle Cures in Medical Literature of the 12-16th Centuries

Debabrata Chakravarti, Pharmacology, Medicine; Transcriptional Repression by Nuclear Receptor Corepressor NCoR

Cristle Collins Judd, Music, SAS; Music and the Printed Book (Publication Subvention)

Russell Composto, Materials Science & Engineering, SEAS; A Contact Angle Goniometer for New Research Involving Synthetic and Natural Polymers at Surfaces

Kostas Daniilidis, Computer and Information Science, SEAS; Augmented Reality Goes Outdoors

Harold L. Dibble, Anthropology, SAS; The Middle Paleolithic Industries of Pech de l'Aze IV (France)

Dennis E. Discher, Mechanical Engineering, SEAS; Cell Adhesion System

Peter Dodson, et al, Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine; Excavating a Sauropod Dinosaur, Northern Wyoming

Arthur Dunham, Biology, SAS; Feeding Rates and Net Assimilated Energy of Phrynosomatid Lizards Measured Using Turnover of Stable 39K, 85Rb, and 35Cl isotopes

Ann Farnsworth-Alvear, History, SAS; Pre-publication Costs: Dulcinea in the Factory

Harold I. Feldman, et al, Renal Electrolyte & Hypertension, Medicine; Predictive Value of Lipoprotein (a), Homocysteine and EBCT in Dialysis Patients

Alan Filreis, English, SAS; Modern Poetry and Anticommunism, 1945-1960

Howard Goldfine, Microbiology, Medicine; Bacterial-Host Cell Interactions in Listeria Monocytogenes Infections

Robert C. Gorman, Surgery, Medicine; Surgery for Postinfarction Left Ventricular Remodelling

Kathleen Hall, Educational Leadership, GSE; Race, Class and Nationalism: Education and Social Mobility Among Sikhs in England

Steven Heine, Psychology, SAS; A Cultural Investigation of Self-Improving Motivation

Daniel Janzen, Biology, SAS; Habitat-Specific Mass Rearings of Tropical Dry Forest Caterpillars by UPenn Students and Costa Rican Biologists in Search of their Parasites Known to be Present in this Ecosystem

Francis E. Johnston, Anthropology, SAS; Nutrition, Physical Growth, and Health of Children from Abruzzo, Italy-- Feasibility Study

Madeleine M. Joullie, Chemistry, SAS; Novel Reagents for Amino Acid Detection

Randall Kamien, Physics & Astronomy, SAS; Conference on Statistical Mechanics to Honor Professor A. Brooks Harris on his 65th Birthday

Grace Kao, Sociology, SAS; Interracial Contact Among Adolescents in the U.S.

Ziv Z. Katalan, Operations Information Management, Wharton; Product Variety and Manufacturing Performance in a Flexible Manufacturing System

John C. Keene, City & Regional Planning, GSFA; Regional Planning in Spain: An Evaluation

Marisa Kozlowski, Chemistry, SAS; Towards Alternate Amino Acid Synthesis: Investigations of Amidocarbonylation and Imine Carbonylation Reactions

Joseph Kroll, Physics & Astronomy, SAS; Electronics for a Time of Flight Detector for the Study of B Physics with the CDF Detector

S. Lahiri, et al, Physiology, Medicine; Role of Intracellular Calcium Stores in Carotid Body Cells in Hypoxic Response

Phoebe S. Leboy, Biochemistry, Dental Medicine; The Role of BMPs in Facilitating Bone Repair

Marsha Lester, Chemistry, SAS; Matching Funds for a Mid-Infrared Parametic Oscillator (OPO) to be Used in the Investigation of the Spectroscopy and Reaction Dynamics of Activated Entrance Channel Complexes

Mary Susan Lindee, History & Sociology of Science, SAS; Science in the Cold War: Global Perspectives

James B. Lok, Pathobiology, Veterinary Medicine; Role of Insulin-Like Signaling in the Development of Parasitic Nematodes

Patrick J. Loll, Pharmacology, Medicine; Crystallization Screens for Integral Membrane Proteins

David Ludden, History, SAS; The Commercial Geography of Coastal South Asia in the 1820s

John McCoubrey, History of Art, SAS; Subvention for republication of his American Tradition in Painting (George Braziller, 1963) by University of Pennsylvania Press

Sarah E. Millar, Dermatology, Medicine; The Role of WNT Signaling in Morphogenesis of the Epidermis and its Appendages

John M. Murray, Cell & Developmental Biology, Medicine; A Novel Strategy for Discovery of Proteins Regulating Microtubules

Jack H. Nagel, Political Science, SAS; Functioning and Reform of Pluralitarian Electoral Systems

Benjamin Nathans, History, SAS; Beyond the Pale: The Jewish Encounter with Late Imperial Russia

Hermann Pfefferkorn, Geology, SAS; Numerical Ages for the Carboniferous Period

Pedro Ponte-Castenada, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics, SEAS; Nonlinear Heterogeneous Materials and Microstructure Evolution

 Margaret Priestley, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, Medicine; Determining the Role of Caspases in Neonatal Neuronal Death Following Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest

Keith M. Robinson, Rehabilitation Medicine, Medicine; Directed- Forgetting in Multiple Sclerosis: A Novel Method to Improve Long-Term Memory

David L. Rousseau, Political Science, SAS; The Perception of Gains from Cooperation in International Relations

Jeffrey Saven, Chemistry, SAS; Theoretical Approaches to Combinatorial Libraries of Folding Chain Molecules

Robert Seyfarth, Psychology, SAS; Predator Alarm Calls of Free-Ranging Baboons

Neil Shubin, Biology, SAS; Dinosaurs of the Gobi Desert

Donald Silberberg, et al, International Medical Programs, Medicine; Identification, Prevalence and Causes of Neo-Natal Hyperbilirubinemia in Ghana and Zimbabwe

Amos Smith, Chemistry, SAS; Upgrade of an AMX-500 Mhz NMR Spectrometer

Eric Steig, et al, Earth & Environmental Science, SAS; Atmospheric Deposition History of Organochlorine and Organophosphorus Compounds, from Temperate and Polar Ice Core Records

Sarah Tabbutt, Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine, Medicine; Effect of Inspired Gases on Single Ventricle Physiology

Charles Thayer, Geology, SAS; A 2,000-year El Niño History from Cross-dating of Growth Bands in Western Pacific Coralline Sponges

Michael J. Therien, Chemistry, SAS; Mechanistic Investigation of Biomimetic Hydrocarbon Oxidation Catalysts that Derive their Oxidizing Equivalents from Dioxygen E

Sharon L. Thompson-Schill, Psychology, SAS; Effects of Prefrontal Lesions on Semantic and Executive Functions

Sergio Turtletaub, Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics, SEAS; Multiscale Optimal Design for Transient Phenomena

Anne Whiston Spirn, Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning, GSFA; Telling Landscape: Photographs and Words

Karen Winey, Materials Science & Engineering, SEAS; Universality of Defects in Layered Materials: A Proposed International Research Collaboration Using Simultaneous Shearing and Synchrotron Scattering

Sidney G. Winter, Management, Wharton; Firm Capabilities and the Direction of Expansion

John H. Wolfe, Pathobiology, Medicine; Supplement to Develop a Shared Genome Scanning Facility for Large Animal Models of Complex Genetic Traits

Stanton Wortham, Educational Leadership, GSE; Representation and Enactment in Classroom Discourse

Haidi Zhang, et al., Rheumatology, Medicine; Development of FasL Gene Scalpel for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Arthropathies

Shiyu Zhou, Computer & Information Science, SEAS; Communication Protocols for Multimedia Applications in Wireless Mobile Communication Networks

Almanac, Vol. 46, No. 5, September 28, 1999