Retiring: Mr. Lederman

Scott C. Lederman, Treasurer of the University of Pennsylvania since 1987, will retire on June 30 after almost 32 years at the University as both student and administrator.

"As I look back over my years at Penn, I am very proud of having been part of a team of highly competent and dedicated people who have worked to make Penn one of the best institutions of higher education in the country. In fact, the relationships I've developed over the years with the great people at Penn are what I will remember and cherish the most."

Vice President for Finance Kathy Engebretson called Mr. Lederman "a true asset to the University whose expansive knowledge of Penn, good humor and warm personality will be missed by all."

"For thirty years he has provided creative leadership in the financial management of the University," added EVP John Fry. "He has also been a supportive colleague to me and to many others. We are all very appreciative of his many contributions and wish him well in his retirement."

Mr. Lederman is a 1964 graduate of Rens-selaer Polytechnic Institute who served in the U.S. Army in Germany and South Vietnam, attaining the rank of Captain, before entering the MBA program at the Wharton School in 1967.

After completing his studies in 1969, Mr. Lederman worked at Wharton Graduate, where he established the first Office of Student Affairs and helped design a budgeting approach that served as the basis for the University's Responsibility Center Management budgeting process. In 1972, Mr. Lederman became the Executive Assistant to the newly created position of Vice President for Management (precursor of the Executive Vice Presidency held by John Fry).

In 1975, Mr. Lederman was elected Vice President of Franklin Investment Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary that reported to the University's Investment Board and managed the university's endowment and other investment assets. In that position, he created the first cash management program for the University and the Health System and he was instrumental in developing and implementing the University's endowment spending rule. When the investment function was brought back into the University's administrative structure in 1982, Mr. Lederman became the first Director of Investments. In 1987, he was appointed Treasurer of University.

Mr. Lederman has also served on the Board of the West Philadelphia Partnership, becoming its Treasurer in 1988 and Chairman in 1994.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 33, May 18/25, 1999