HONORS & Other Things

   The Helen O. Dickens Center for Women's Health is the new name of the PennMed's Ob/Gyn Family Planning Clinic. The name honors the distinguished emeritus professor (left) and the 50 years she "dedicated to healing, helping and guiding women of all ages."

Commencement Honors

Former President Sheldon Hackney was the Commencement Speaker and recipient of an honorary degree at the University of Alabama on May 15. Dr. Hackney was chosen for the honorary degree as a prize-winning historian, as Penn's president of twelve years, and as chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities from 1993-1997 when he returned to Penn as professor of history.

Dr. Janet A. Deatrick of the School of Nursing was given the University of Illinois Alumni Association's 1999 Achievement Award during Commencement exercises there on May 9. Dr. Deatrick, who took her Ph.D. at Illinois in 1982, was honored for her "exceptional contributions to pediatric nursing as an educator, researcher and ethicist." Dr. Deatrick is associate professor and chair of the Division of Nursing of Children, graduate program director in the Pediatric Acute/Chronic Care Nurse Practitioner Program, and co-director of the International Center for Research on Women, Children and Families.

Athenaeum: Dr. Silverman

The Literary Award of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia has been awarded to Dr. David P. Silverman, curator of the Egyptian Section of the Museum, for two 1997 books, Ancient Egypt and Searching for Ancient Egypt, he edited, organized and contributed essays to.

Six to the American Academy

Six members of the faculty have been elected to the Academy of Arts and Sciences, the 219-year-old society that was founded by John Adams and is particularly known for the publication of the journal Daedalus.

The six new fellows are:

  • Dr. Clay M. Armstrong, professor of physiology/Med;
  • Dr. Dorothy Cheney, professor of biology;
  • Dr. Lila Gleitman, Steven and Marcia Roth Professor of Psychology and co-director of the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science;
  • Dr. Paul D. Guyer, Murray Professor in the Humanities and chair of Philosophy;
  • Dr. Elihu Katz, professor of communication, director, Annenberg School for Communication Scholars Program; and
  • Dr. Jeremy Sabloff, professor of anthropology and the Williams Director of the University Museum.

Honors to Penn Economists

One of the two Distinguished Fellows elected this year by the American Economic Association is Dr. David Cass, the Paul F. and E. Warren Shafer Miller Professor of Economics. Last year both winners of the title--the most prestigious of U.S. honors in the field--were from Penn: Dr. Alan Heston, professor of economics and South Asia regional studies, and Dr. Robert Summers, professor emeritus of economics.

On the list of the 17 Abe Fellows elected this years is Dr. Albert Ando, professor of economics and finance, who will study the Japanese recession of the 1990s and its lessons for advanced industrial countries. The Abe Fellowship Program is administered by the Social Science Research Council with the American Council of Learned Societies, and is financed by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership.

GSAC Award to Dr. Joullié

This year GSAC (the Graduate Student Associations Council) created a Distinguished Achievement Award to honor nationally recognized academics at Penn, and chose as its first honoree Dr. Madeleine M. Joullié, Class of 1970 Professor of Chemistry and a winner of the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. Recipient of numerous other awards for her scientific achievements and service to the profession, she was cited by GSAC both for adding to the reputation of the University and her field and for her "deep and abiding interest in the training, development, and careers of both undergraduate and graduate students."

The 1999 Emeriti

On June 30, another 28 members of the faculty will take emeritus professor status in the University. President Judith Rodin gave a reception this month to mark the occasion for:

  • Justin Aronfreed, Psychology
  • Sidney Bludman, Physics
  • Kenneth C. Bovee, Clinical Studies
  • Thomas Connolly, Music
  • David DeLaura, English
  • Ralph T. Geer, Anesthesia
  • Kenneth D. George, Education
  • Richard A. Gibboney, Education
  • Peter J. Hand, Anatomy
  • Ruth McCorkle, Nursing
  • Donald F. Morrison, Statistics
  • Vivianne T. Nachmias, Cell & Developmental Biology
  • Thomas Naff, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
  • Margit M.K. Nass, Radiation Oncology
  • John L. Neigh, Anesthesia
  • Richard P. Paul, Computer & Information Science
  • Charles R. Perry, Management
  • Sheldon Rovin, Dental Care Systems
  • Joseph Rykwert, Architecture
  • Donald L. Schotland, Neurology
  • Cecilia Segawa Seigle, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
  • Donald Smith, Political Science
  • Yoshitaka Suyama, Biology
  • Bernard Wailes, Anthropology
  • Herbert W. Wallace, Surgery
  • Annemarie Weber, Biochemistry & Biophysics
  • Iraj Zandi, Systems Engineering
  • Un-Jin Paik Zimmerman, Physiology

 Angell Medal to Mrs. Senior


Sara Senior, chair of the University Museum's Board of Overseers, received this month the Angell Medal, an award created during the Museum's Centennial year of 1986-87 to honor "distinguished service to the Museum by a Museaum supporter." (It is named for Marian Angell Godfrey Boyer, one of the founding members of the Women's Committee.) Mrs. Senior, who has been an Overseer since 1983 and steps down in June from the chairmanship, has "given unstintingly of her time and talents," said Dr. Jeremy Sabloff, the Museum's Williams Director. "Time and time again we have appreciated her forthright and committed attention to the Museum's interests. I am delighted to be able to publicly recognize and thank her for her outstanding support."

 Medal for Mrs. Fisher

The Dean's Medal of the Graduate School of Fine Arts was presented by Dean Gary Hack to Anne Fisher (above, middle) of the GSFA Board of Overseers, at a special ceremony earlier this year. Carlos Zapata, the architect for the Sundance Cinema Arts House in Philadelphia, delivered the inaugural Anne Fisher Lecture at the ceremony. Mrs. Fisher and her husband, Jerome, have supported a number significant Penn initiatives, including the restoration of the Fisher Fine Arts Library.


ICA Award: Mrs. Tuttleman

The Institute of Contemporary Art gave its inaugural Lifetime Achievemnt Award for Philanthropy in the Arts to Edna S. Tuttleman, former chairperson of the ICA. Mrs. Tuttleman was cited for her strong leadership and generous support of the ICA during its expansionary years in the early 1990s. The award was presented at ICA's benefit May 1.

U.S. Thouron Fellows

In the British-American exchange program founded in 1960 by Sir John and Lady Thouron, five students from Penn will take up advanced degree studies in U.K. institutions next year:

  • Joel I. Herzig of Anthropology in the College, will take up development studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London or Oxford University.
  • Eugene J. Huang, also of SEAS/Wharton, will pursue philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford.
  • Brent I. Neiman, of SEAS/Wharton, will study mathematical modeling and numerical analysis at Oxford.
  • Bernadette J. Spina of Psychology in the College will study medical ethics at Oxford or King's College.
  • Roshini S. Thayaparan of Chemistry and Urban Studies in the College will study social policy and planning at London School of Economics.

 Above: Four of the five Thouron Scholars, left to right, are Eugene Huang, Brent Neiman, Roshini Thayaparan, and Bernadette Spina. Joel Herzig is not shown.

 HERS 1999: This year Penn will be represented by three participants at the Summer Institute for Higher Education: Dr. Linda Brown, professor of nursing; Dr. Naty Lopez, assistant dean of international relations in the Dental School; and Patricia Renfro, the associate director of library public services. They will join women from throughout the country attending the month-long program that starts on June 27 on the Bryn Mawr campus. This is the 24th year of Penn's participation in the program co-sponsored by Bryn Mawr College and Higher Education Resources (HERS) Mid-Atlantic.

Honors to Undergraduates

"Overall, I think Penn undergraduate students did well this year," said Linda Wiedmann of Benjamin Franklin Scholars/General Honors as she noted that in addition to Truman and USA Today awards published earlier, undergraduates came up with other prestigious national honors including:

Two Morris King Udall Awards: Cynthia Liebman of the College and Clifford Haugen of Managment & Technology won these $5000 awards supporting students with "excellent academic records" and commitment to fields related to the envirnoment.

A Goldwater Award: Adrian Shieh, SEAS '00, received this $7500 award based on academic merit in math, science or engineering.

A Beinecke Brothers Memorial Scholarship: George H. (Chip) Blaustein of English and history, is one of 20 U.S. juniors who will receive $15,000 a year for two years of graduate study in any school and any field.

Two Bell Atlantic Awards: These awards of $4500 each to an incoming junior and an incoming senior who "demonstrate an understanding of the social, political and economic aspects of global telecommunications" go respectively to Dan Fleder, College/SEAS, and Josh Kohn of Management & Technology Program.

A Mellon Fellowship: Dina Westenholz of the College declined a Fulbright to accept the Woodrow Wilson Foundation's Andrew Mellon for a year's study in Iceland. Fellow students who also won the Fulbright

Student Fulbright Awards

Eight undergraduates who will take up their Fulbright Awards next year, their fields and their destinations are:

  • Maria Feliciano, history of art, Mexico
  • Charles Golden, archaeology, Guatemala
  • Emily Gray, history, Germany
  • Michael Hesson, anthropology, Mexico
  • Jiny Kim, health care, Korea
  • Thomas J. Morton, art/architectural history,Tunisia
  • Timothy Stotz, painting/printmaking, Spain
  • Matthew Witkovsky, history of art, Czech Republic

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 33, May 18/25, 1999