1999 Ivy Day:

Unveiling and Awards 

The 1999 Ivy Stone will be installed in the floor of Houston Hall's north entrance. Since Houston Hall is under renovation, there will be a drawing unveiled near the site on May 15. The stone was designed by Jennifer Rizzi, C '93 and current assistant director in the Penn Alumni Society. The stone was designed non-traditionally with the Penn crest turned sideways. The design will be cut in Vermont gray granite.


The Ivy Day ceremony is Saturday, May 15 at 4 p.m. in Logan Hall (Room 17). Ivy Award winners from the Class of 1974 will be presenting the Senior Honor Awards.

The Senior Class Awards and recipients are:

  • Spoon: Joshua S. Brogadir
  • Bowl: Joshua M. Styne
  • Cane: Rasool A. Berry
  • Spade: Joshua A. Zeichner
  • Althea K. Hottel Award: Samara A. Barend
  • Gaylord P. Harnwell Award: Janelle M. Brodsky
  • David R. Goddard Award: Sarah B. Gleit
  • R. Jean Brownlee Award: Roshini S. Thayaparan
  • Leadership Awards Association of Alumnae Fathers' Trophy: Jessica DiMauro
  • Class of 1915 Award: Andrei A. Rodzianko
  • Class of 1946 Award: Timothy M. Hirsch
  • Sol Feinstone Undergraduate Awards: Sara Coelho, Hoa T. Duong, David Ecker, Rachael F. Goldfarb
  • William A. Levi Kite and Key Award for Service and Scholarship: Cathy Hwang
  • Paul Miller Awards: Kira S. Rosen, Jared S. Susco
  • Penn Student Agencies Award: Amy L. Johnson
  • James Howard Weiss Memorial Award: Charles W. Pell

Pulitzer for Music Alumna

Penn alumna Melinda Wagner became the 58th American composer to win the Pulitzer Prize last month. Dr. Wagner, who received her doctorate in composition from Penn in 1986, was awarded the Pulitzer, along with $5,000, for her piece entitled The Concerto for Flute, Strings and Percussion. The 42-year-old composer was trained as a cellist and studied music with Penn's George Crumb, Richard Wernick and Jay Reise.

More Honors: May 18 Deadline

The final Almanac of the spring term, to be issued on May 25, will contain additional honors won recently by faculty, staff and students. Click here for deadline information.--Ed.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 32, May 11, 1999


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