Salute to Penn's Glee Club

The Faculty Club Salute to Penn's Glee Club traces the 136-year-old group's history and some of its travels-such as the 1971 visit to the summer palace of the Tzars at Pederhof, above. Members of the University are welcome at the opening reception Wednesday, March 3, 4:30-7:30 p.m. See story below.

At the Faculty Club: A Salute to the Glee Club

Salute to Penn's Glee Club is an exhibition of memorabilia that traces the history of the University choral group from its beginning in 1862--with 16 voices in chapel concert, and a repertoire of traditional four-part collegiate songs--to its emergence as a major contributor to the cultural life of the University, said Faculty Club Art Gallery Director Maurice Burrison in announcing the exhibit. "Not content with entertaining at football rallies and other campus events, the Glee Club underwent an ambitious metamorphosis over the years. Performances today are best described as Broadway-style productions, complete with costumes, scenery, and a pit orchestra--and the talent-filled group continues to dazzle and impress its audiences year after year."

The exhibit, which runs through March 31, recalls performances with popular entertainers such as Bob Hope, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, Bill Cosby and others, or those in more classical form, when the Club shared concert hall stages with Marian Anderson, the Philadelphia Orchestra under Ormandy, and the Boston Pops.

"Penn's Glee Club owes much of its success to the current director, Bruce Montgomery-- affectionately known as Monty," said Mr. Burrison. "He has turned the Club into a world-traveler, allowing its members to sing and dance their way through most of the fifty states across the nation, and through 28 other countries on five continents. Monty--a multi-talented conductor, composer, actor, author and painter--will be sorely missed after he retires this next year."

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 23, March 2, 1999