March 2, 1999
Volume 45
Number 23

$5 Million to SEAS for CIS Labs

Melvin J. Levine, W '46, president and director of the New Jersey-based Atlantic Plastic Container Co., and his wife, Claire, have made a $5 million gift to the School of Engineering and Applied Science, which will be used to create state-of-the-art laboratories for teaching and research in computer and information science.

Detailed plans have not yet been announced for the new labs, but the expectation is that a $15 million facility, funded by the Levines' gift in combination with federal funds, will be constructed near the Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (IAST).

"This wonderful affirmation of Mel and Claire's commitment will benefit future generations of Penn undergraduate and graduate students and members of the faculty," said President Judith Rodin in announcing the gift following the February meeting of the trustees. She linked the gift to SEAS priorities in the Agenda for Excellence. The announcement also quoted Interim Dean Eduardo D. Glandt's statement that "teaching and research in engineering and applied science must be collaborative, an intellectual integration of disciplines, to be truly effective. This extraordinary generosity will have a tremendous impact on the collaborative teaching and research conducted at Penn for many years to come."

Melvin Levine enrolled at the Wharton School in 1943. After two semesters he joined the U.S. Navy, went to boot camp, and was selected for the V12 program, which sent him back to Penn. The V12 program evolved into the Naval ROTC. Many of the naval and engineering courses were given in the Moore School Building and in the Towne Building. Combining his coursework, he graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics in 1946, at the same time he received his Naval commission.

"We were aware of the terribly exciting work being done next door," Mr. Levine said, referring to the development of ENIAC which was developed at Penn as part of the American war effort and was turned on for the first time on February 14, 1946.

"That work changed our world. A half-century later, it gives us great pleasure to be able to support the work being done in computer and information science at Penn," he said on behalf of himself and Mrs. Levine. "It was, and is, very important to us that our resources be used to improve the academic environment, particularly for students."

 SENATE From the Senate Office

Slate of Nominees for 1999-2000

Under the Faculty Senate Rules, formal notification to members may be accomplished by publication in Almanac. The following is published under that rule.

TO: Members of the Faculty Senate

FROM: John C. Keene, Chair

SUBJECT: Senate Nominations 1999-2000

1. In accordance with the Faculty Senate Rules, official notice is given of the Senate Nominating Committee's slate of nominees for the incoming Senate Officers. The nominees, all of whom have indicated their willingness to serve, are:

    Chair-elect: Larry Gross (prof communication)
    Secretary-elect: Sarah H. Kagan (asst prof nursing)
    At-large Members of the Senate Executive Committee
    (to serve a 3-year term beginning May, 1999):
    Anita Allen Castellitto (prof law)
    Stephen Gluckman (assoc prof med)
    Ann Mayer (assoc prof legal studies)
    Tukufu Zuberi (assoc prof sociol)
    At-large Member of the Senate Executive Committee
    (to serve a 2-year term beginning May, 1999):
    John Richetti (prof English)
    One Assistant Professor Member of the Senate Executive Committee
    (to serve a 2-year term beginning May, 1999):
    Barbara von Schlegell (asst prof religious studies)
    Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility
    (to serve a 3-year term beginning May, 1999):
    Marvin Lazerson (prof education)
    Sheila H. Murnaghan (assoc prof classical st)
    Sally Zigmond (prof biology)
    Senate Committee on Conduct
    (to serve a 2-year term beginning May, 1999):
    Joan Goodman (prof education)
    M. Susan Lindee (assoc prof hist & sociol sci)
    Edward R. Thornton (prof chemistry)
    Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty
    (to serve a 3-year term beginning May, 1999):
    Ellen Prince (prof linguistics)
    Andrew Postlewaite (prof economics)

2. Again in accord with the Senate Rules you are invited to submit "additional nominations, which shall be accomplished via petitions containing at least twenty-five valid names and the signed approval of the candidate. All such petitions must be received no later than fourteen days subsequent to the circulation of the nominees of the Nominating Committee. Nominations will automatically be closed fourteen days after circulation of the slate of the Nominating Committee." Pursuant to this provision, petitions must be received by mail at the Faculty Senate, Box 12 College Hall/6303, or by hand at the Faculty Senate Office, 109 Duhring Wing by 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 23, 1999. (The week of spring recess is normally not counted in the fourteen days.)

3. Under the same provision of the Senate Rules, if no additional nominations are received, the slate nominated by the Nominating Committee will be declared elected. Should additional nominations be received, an election will thereafter be held by mail ballot.

Open Enrollment: Address Correct?

To All Benefits-Eligible Faculty and Staff:

With the 1999-2000 Open Enrollment for benefits fast approaching, important information will be sent out to employees during the first week of April. Therefore, if you have recently changed your home mailing address, please contact your business administrator to make sure your correct address is in the system. This will ensure that you receive all of the important materials on a timely basis.

--Division of Human Resources


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Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 23, March 2, 1999