E-mail Alert for Pobox and Dolphin

Early on March 1, after consultation with local mail administrators and support providers, Information Systems & Computing (ISC) discontinued support for open SMTP relay through its e-mail hosts Dolphin and Pobox, as well as smtp-relay.upenn.edu. This change was necessary to quickly address serious problems related to inappropriate use (spamming) of these resources by parties outside the University, which led some other e-mail hosts to refuse mail from these systems.

You will be affected by this change only if all three of the following conditions are true:

  • You use an external Internet Service Provider (such as DCANet, Netcom, etc.) and
  • You use a POP or IMAP e-mail client such as Eudora or Netscape and
  • You use Pobox or Dolphin as your mail host

You will not be affected by this change if you meet one or more of these conditions:

  • You connect to Pobox or Dolphin from an on-campus Ethernet connection or via Penn's modem pool
  • You use Elm or any other host-based e-mail client to access your mail from off campus
  • You connect to mail hosts other than Pobox and Dolphin


We have made best efforts to notify all those likely to be affected by this change. However, if you began experiencing problems sending your mail on March 1, the difficulty may be a result of this change. You can correct this problem by reconfiguring the SMTP settings in your e-mail client.

Note: If you connect to your e-mail host via an external Internet Service Provider and also an on-campus Ethernet connection using the same computer, you will have to reconfigure the SMTP settings each time you change locations.

Please see the news page on the Penn computing web, www.upenn.edu/computing/news for more information and links to configuration instructions or contact your local support provider.

--Dave Millar, University Information Security Officer

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 23, March 2, 1999