Call for Nominations : The Fourth Annual Martin Luther King

Community Involvement Recognition Awards

In recognition of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr.'s commitment to community service essential to the struggle for equality, the 1999 Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Program Planning Committee of the University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the Fourth Annual Community Involvement Recognition Awards. The Awards have been conceived to honor members of the Philadelphia community whose service involvements have best exemplified the ideals espoused by Dr. King. Four awards in total will be presented; two will go to members of the Penn community, and two will honor members of the broader community. The awards will be presented on January 18, 1999, as a part of the University's commemoration of the King Holiday.

We seek your help in nominating individuals whose work most merits recognition. Please share this information with others in your schools, departments, and organizations, so that we may identify those most deserving of this award. Nomination forms may be submitted through Friday, December 4, 1998. Nomination forms can also be submitted electronically via the web at .

Should you have any questions, please contact the African-American Resource Center at 215- 898-0104.

--Jack B. Lewis, Co-Chair of Planning Committee

1999 Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Program

Community Involvement Recognition Awards

Nomination Form

Please submit by Monday, December 4, 1998

Send to: African American Resource Center, 3537 Locust Walk/6225


Name of nominee: ____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________________________________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________

Nominee's affiliation:

University (School/Center)___________________________________________


Community Organization____________________________________________


Please briefly explain the nominee's involvements and contributions to building community in one or more of the following ways (attach separate sheets as needed):

  • Promoting nonviolence
  • Combining religious beliefs with positive social action
  • Working toward racial equality and harmony
  • Advocating for/working with disenfranchised people

Please be as specific as possible about the extent of the nominee's contributions, including, if possible, the number of years of involvement, the people/groups who have been positively influenced by the nominee's work, etc.


Please list other honors, awards or recognitions the nominee has received:





Please share with us the names of one or two other

people familiar with the nominee's work:

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address and phone: ___________________________________________________


Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address and phone: ___________________________________________________


Name of nominator: ______________________________

Telephone: _____________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________


Questions: Jack B. Lewis at

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 13, November 24, 1998