Faculty Fellows in Stouffer, Ware

With the appointment of two final Faculty Fellows in the College Houses, the roster* of Fellows is complete, Interim Provost Michael Wachter has announced.

In Stouffer College House, where Dr. Philip Nichols is faculty master, the new Fellow is Dr. Carol Muller, who arrived this fall as assistant professor of ethno-musicology; she is joined by her husband, Eric Grau, who is completing his Ph.D. in statistics at North Carolina State.

In Ware College House, led by Dr. Kenwyn Smith as Faculty Master, the new Fellow is Dr. Jonathan Pletcher, a researcher in adolescent medicine at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. With him is his wife Brooke, a nurse at CHOP who is pursuing an A.M. in primary care pediatrics at Penn Nursing. The Pletchers are expecting a child in January.

Dr. Muller is a graduate of the University of Natal in South Africa who took her Ph.D. at NYU with a dissertation that won the NYU Alumni Association's Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award for 1994-95 (on Nazarite song, dance and dreams as they relate to women in South Africa). A winner of several prestigious awards and fellowships, she has taught at the University of North Carolina, Marymount College, and both of her alma maters, and published on such topics as Zulu maskanda performance, South African jazz, Christianity, and Nazarite woman healers. Her book, Rituals of Fertility and the Sacrifice of Desire: Nazarite Women's Performance in South Africa, is due out in September 1999 from the University of Chicago Press, and she is at work on another titled That is How I Got the Power to Fly: Nazarite Women's Stories of Dreams, Visions and Miracles, 1910-1995. A concert pianist, flautist and performer of ethnic dance, Dr. Muller has served as a consultant to South African music festivals and radio performances, and to scholarly conferences such as Durban International Festival of Music, 1993-94.


Dr. Pletcher is a Penn alumnus who took his A.B. in biochemistry in 1990 and earned his medical degree at Pittsburgh in 1994. He has served as a clinical assistant at Clinch River Health Services in Dungannon, Virginia in 1992, and as a resident in general pediatrics from 1994 to 1997 at CHOP, where he also became the Craig-Dalsimer Fellow in Adolescent Medicine in 1997. He has done research on widely ranging topics from the pulmonary function of Virginia railway workers to the effects of laboratory price information on the ordering practices of house staffs at major hospitals; and the role of universities in providing school-based centers for urban communities. Dr. Pletcher won the 1998 Penn Pearls Teaching Award given by students of PennMed; CHOP's Nancy Elizabeth Barnhart Award for community health improvement; a Pediatric Surgery award from Pittsburgh and the Gina Fizzi Fellowship of the Lupus Foundation of America.


* The roster of new and returning Fellows includes, for Community House Dr. Joseph Sun of SEAS; DuBois, Dr. William Franklin of GSE and Dr. Rose Wadenya of Dental Medicine; Goldberg, Dr. Rita Barnard of English; Gregory, David Fox of English and Theater Arts, Dr. Lori Rosenkopf of Management, and Elizabeth Sachs of CGS; Hamilton, Dr. Michael Gamer of English; Harnwell, Dr. Tina Lu of AMES; Harrison, Dr. Alan Strudler of Legal Studies; Hill, Dr. Anita Gelburd of Wharton; Kings Court/English, Dr. Toni Bowers, English; Spruce, Dr. Vivian Gadsden of GSE; Stouffer, Dr. Carol Muller of Music; and Ware, Dr. Jonathan Pletcher of CHOP.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 7, October 13, 1998