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Child Care Costs

It takes a village to raise a child, wrote Hillary Clinton. It also costs a paycheck to send two children to the day care. I spend about $1500-a-month to send my one-year-old daughter and four-year-old son to day care. It would be of great help if Penn could run a subsidised day care for its employees with small children.

--Sekar Nagaswami, Research Specialist Cell & Development Biology


The University operates the Penn Children's Center as a service for Penn students, faculty, staff and the surrounding communities. PCC covers its operating costs by charging tuition to families in the program. It is run on a break-even basis and strives to keep tuition as low as possible while still providing a high quality program. Though not a subsidized program, PCC has the lowest tuition of the West Philadelphia centers. It receives $15,000 per year from the University to fund fee assistance. In general, these funds are reserved for those who have significant financial need, including single-parent households and full-time Penn students.

Each year PCC receives requests from many families and makes significant efforts to reduce fees but is only able to grant reductions to a portion, depending upon income levels and the lack of other child care options.

-- Marie D. Witt, Interim Vice President, Business Services

Welcome to Fox Gallery

This is to extend a welcoming hand to the newest art venue on Penn's campus--I refer to the Bob and Penny Fox Student Art Gallery. Although its stated role is primarily to provide a showcase for student art, the gallery opened in June with an inaugural exhibit of paintings, collages, and photographs by eight University Trustees and Spouses.

The Gallery's arrangement of small, interconnecting rooms makes it feasible for participating artists to enjoy their own individual exhibit space whenever group shows are scheduled. Generous lighting, properly suffused, has been expertly planned so that the appropriate wattage and quality of light can be delivered where needed.

The one reservation I have with the Gallery is its somewhat secluded location in the recently renovated basement of Logan Hall. That reservation may prove to be moot, however, when construction of the Perelman Quad Student Center is complete and changes in the flow of pedestrian traffic improve the gallery's accessibility and visibility.

To those in charge--for the continued success of this project, much depends on good management and planning. To Trustee Robert Fox--many thanks for the vision and funding that made this contribution to the University's cultural life possible.

-- Maurice Burrison Director, Faculty Club, Art Gallery

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Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 2, September 8, 1998