Pennsylvania Muscle Institute

Mini-Research Grants

Statement of Purpose

Motility of cells, organelles, membranes and molecules underlies the behavior of living systems. The proteins effecting this complex variety of motile events in cells range from motor proteins like kinesin, dynein and myosin, their filamentous partners, tubulin and actin, their regulatory and modulatory factors, controllers of spatial targeting within the cell, to mechanisms that coordinate motility with specific events such as mitosis and establishment of cell polarity. To encourage Penn researchers to explore novel approaches to studies of motility in their fields of interest, the Pennsylvania Muscle Institute (PMI) provides a Mini-Research Grant Program. The PMI will award one year grants of seed funds up to $10,000 to successful proposals that explore novel aspects of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle, non-muscle cell motility, development, expression and assembly of contractile and motile organelles. Preference will be given to new initiatives, new collaborations and junior faculty.

The Application Process

The application consists of a three page proposal, giving the background, objectives, experimental approach and discussion of expected results. In addition an abstract, budget (one page), brief curriculum vitae including recent publications, current research support and list of other pending proposals should be submitted. Applications are due by July 1, 1998. Successful applications will be funded as early as September 1, 1998, for a one year period. All applications involving human subjects, animals, and hazardous or radioactive materials must receive institutional approval prior to funding.

Please send the original and 4 copies of the grant application to Dr. Yale E. Goldman, Director, Pennsylvania Muscle Institute, D-700 Richards Building, School of Medicine, 19104-6083.

Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 33, May 12, 1998