Nursing School: Dr. Lafferty-Della Valle

Dr. Mary Ann Lafferty-Della Valle, adjunct associate professor, will receive a special award, the Career Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, for her "sustained and stellar contributions to the teaching mission of the School of Nursing," to be given at the School's Commencement on Sunday, May 17. (Click here for details of School events).

Dr. Lafferty-Della Valle has served on theNursing School faculty since 1974, teaching introductory course material in general and organic chemistry, biological chemistry, and molecular genetics to undergraduate and graduate students. She is also Director of the Laboratory for Biological Research in Nursing. She has provided substantial assistance with the research of doctoral and post-doctoral students, and to master's students and undergraduate students interested in acquiring skills in biochemical technology.

Especially respected for her ability to present technically difficult content with great clarity, incorporating research findings and new technology into her lectures and labs, she has also been praised throughout the years for "her enthusiasm for her students, her discipline, and the discipline of nursing."

Five Guggenheim Fellows

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has chosen 168 artists, scholars, and scientists from 3000 applicants as Guggenheim Fellows for 1998. Five from Penn's faculty, and their areas of study are:

Dr. Eugene W. Beier, professor of physics, Neutrinos Emitted by the Sun.

Dr. Larry Gross, professor of communication, Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Media.

Dr. Mauro F. Guillen, assistant professor of management, Business, Labor, and Globalization in Argentina, South Korea, and Spain.

Dr. Lee Haring, adjunct professor of folklore/folklife, Ethnography of Interpretive Communities.

Dr. Neil H. Shubin, associate professor of biology, The Origin of Evolutionary Novelty.

Music Alumni: Two of the six composers named Guggenheim Fellows took their Ph.D.s in composition here, notes Music's chair James Primosch: Dr. David Crumb, now assistant professor at the University of Oregon, and Dr. Robert C. Maggio, associate professor at West Chester University.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Among the 147 scholars elected Fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences this spring are Dr. Fan Chung, Class of 1965 Professor of Mathematics in SAS; Dr. William F. DeGrado, professor of biochemistry/biophysics in Medicine; and Dr. Linda Aiken, the Trustee Professor of Nursing and professor of sociology in SAS who is director of the Center for Health Services and Policy Research. In October, Wharton's Dr. Elizabeth E. Bailey, Hower Professor of Public Policy and Management, was also elected.

Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 33, May 12, 1998