Wharton: A Roster of Distinguished Teachers


Twenty-four faculty members at the Wharton School received, among them, 31 awards for teaching undergraduate and graduate students this year. Professors Harker and Kavajecz won the David W. Hauck Award for Outstanding Teaching, the most prestigious award in the undergraduate division, for their ability to "lead, stimulate and challenge students" as well as knowledge of research and commitment to leadership. Professors Donaldson and Berger won the two highest honors in the graduate division-respectively, the Class of 1984 Award and the Helen Kardon Moss Anvil Award .

 Excellence in Teaching (Undergraduate)

Ten faculty members received this award, given in recognition of outstanding teaching and exceptional commitment to students, based on student nominations and teaching evaluations:

Dr. Suleyman Basak, assistant professor of finance;

Dr. Gordon Bodnar, assistant professor of finance;

Dr. Jamshed Ghandi, associate professor of finance, director of the Huntsman program in international studies and business;

Dr. William Hamilton, Ralph Landau Professor of Management;

Dr. Patrick Harker, chair of operations and information management, UPS Professor; (pictured above)

Dr. Lorin Hitt, assitant professor of operations and information management;

Dr. Kenneth Kavajecz, assistant professor of finance; (pictured above)

Dr. Robert Inman, professor of finance;

Dr. William Laufer, associate professor of legal studies; and

Dr. Philip Nichols, assistant professor of legal studies.

Marc and Sheri Rapaport Undergraduate Core Teaching Award:

Dr. Nicholas Souleles, assistant professor of finance.



 Excellence in Teaching (Graduate)

These awards honor eight professors with the highest overall ratings in student course evaluations, among those who have taught at least two semesters' course hours during the last three semesters (fall 1996 through fall 1997). The professor with the highest rating also receives the Class of 1984 Award, seen by many as the most meaningful award at Wharton.

Class of 1984 Award: Thomas Donaldson, professor of legal studies, won this award along with the Excellence in Teaching Award for his ethics module of MGMT 652 (Foundations of Leadership).

The other seven winners of Graduate Division Excellence in Teaching Awards:

Dr. H. Franklin Allen, Nippon Life Professor of Finance and Economics, has won the Excellence in Teaching Award for five consecutive years for teaching FNCE 601 (Financial Analysis). He is a two-time past winner of the Class of 1984 Award, and was the 1993 recipient of the Anvil Award.

Dr. George Day, the Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor of Marketing, has been awarded an Excellence in Teaching Award for teaching Marketing 777 (Marketing Strategy).

Stuart Diamond, adjunct associate professor of legal studies, received his second consecutive Excellence in teaching Award for the cross-listed course OPIM 691/MGMT 691/LGST 807 (Negotiations).

Dr. Jeremy Siegel has achieved his eighth consecutive Excellence in Teaching Award and his seventh consecutive Miller-Sherrerd Core Teaching Award for teaching FNCE 602 (Macro-economics and Public Policy). He was the 1996 Anvil Award recipient.

Dr. Karl Ulrich, associate professor in the operations and information management, is a third-time recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award, and winner of the Miller-Sherrerd MBA Core Teaching Award for the second time. He won the Excellence in Teaching Award for teaching OPIM 631 (Operations Management: Quality and Productivity), and OPIM 654 (Product Design and Development). He has been awarded the Miller-Sherrerd MBA Core Teaching Award for OPIM 631.

Dr. Michael Useem, professor of management, wins his third Excellence in Teaching Award-this year, for teaching both the ethics module of MGMT 652 (Foundations of Leadership), and MGMT 621 (Managing People at Work). He has also earned his sixth consecutive Miller-Sherrerd MBA Core Teaching Award, for MGMT 652 and MGMT 621. He was also the recipient of the 1992 Anvil Award.

Richard Waterman, assistant professor of statistics, wins his second Excellence in Teaching Award for teaching both STAT 621 (Statistical Analysis for Management), and STAT 701 (Advanced Statistics for Management). He is also a past recipient of the Anvil Award.


 Helen Kardon Moss Anvil Award

This is the highest honor given to a teacher by MBA students, and garners great respect among the faculty and administration. This year it went to Dr. Philip G. Berger, assistant professor of accounting, known for his first-year MBA accounting courses. He has also been awarded the Miller-Sherrerd MBA Core Teaching Award for ACCT 621 (Financial Accounting).

Miller-Sherrerd MBA Core Teaching Awards: These are given each year to the eight MBA faculty members who receive the highest teaching evaluations from students in core courses during the most recent two semesters (Spring 1997 Fall 1997). Established in 1992, they recognize the critical role core courses play in the Wharton MBA Program. The designation of these awards is the responsibility of the Office of the Vice Dean. The 1998 recipients are:

  Dr. Berger (see Anvil Award).
Professor Donaldson (see Class of '84 Award).
Dr. David C. Croson, assistant professor in operations and information management, won his first Miller-Sherrerd Award for OPIM 621 (Management Science).
Dr. Neil A. Doherty, the Ronald Rosenfeld Professor and Professor of Insurance and Risk Management, earned his second Miller-Sherrerd, for MGEC 621(Managerial Economics).
Dr. David J. Reibstein, the William Stewart Woodside Professor/Marketing, won his third Miller-Sherrerd, for MKTG 622 (Marketing Management). He is a past recipient of seven Excellence in Teaching Awards, the Anvil Award, and the Class of 1984 Award.
Dr. Siegel (see Excellence in Teaching).
Dr. Ulrich (see Excellence in Teaching).
Dr. Useem (see Excellence in Teaching).

Wharton Evening School Outstanding Professor of the Year: Francis LaMay, lecturer in finance is the winner of this award. (photo not available).

Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 31, April 28, 1998