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SENATE From the Senate Office

Special Meeting of the Senate Executive Committee Meeting

Tuesday, March 3, 1998 - 12-1:30 p.m.

Faculty Senate Office, 210 Houston Hall


Discussion on partial report from the Senate Committee on Administration

COUNCIL From the Steering Committee

Council Open Discussion Period

Building on University Community interest in the Open Forum (Council meeting of January 28, 1998), the Steering Committee of the University Council, at its meeting of February 25, 1998, unanimously agreed to devote 15 minutes of each University Council meeting, beginning with Council on April 22, to respond to issues presented by any member of the University Community. We ask that you send your issue/question to your constituency chair who will take responsibility for collecting information for a response and bringing the question and relevant information to Steering for additional input. Steering will then place items on the Council agenda under the "question and answer" time slot, according to the order in which items are received. Should the issue be one that Steering decides needs broad deliberation and discussion by Council, it will be scheduled as a separate agenda item for a forthcoming Council meeting, as promptly as is possible.

This innovation is dedicated to Council's expressed interest in providing a direct route for Community members to bring issues of importance to Council and receive a timely response. Furthermore, we appreciate the opportunity to be responsive to written communication, in this case Daily Pennsylvanian editorials, calling for broader participation in Council.

Please address your questions in typewritten form through campus mail, or through e-mail to your consituency chairs.

Faculty Senate: Chair Vivian C. Seltzer
Box 12 College Hall/6303
e-mail: c/o
Graduate/Professional Student Assembly
Chair Sanjay Udani
250 Houston Hall/6306
Undergraduate Assembly: Chair Noah Bilenkar
112 Houston Hall/6306
Penn Professional Staff Assembly: Chair James Bean
P-241 FBA/6280
A-3 Assembly: Chair Donna Arthur
T-113 Law School/6204

COUNCIL Committee Notice

To Serve on Committees: A Second Call

To the University Community:

Please be reminded that those who wish to volunteer for service or nominate others to serve on Council committees should do so as soon as possible. The Committee on Committees is now beginning its work of selecting members for 1998-99 committees. See the back page of Almanac February 3 for a list of committees, nomination form and instructions.

-- Martin Pring, Chair, Committee on Committees

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