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Where to Find the Job Opportunities -- Here and Elsewhere

Dear Penn Community,

Below, you will see a new format for the Job Opportunities. This change was prompted by several realities. One, usage of the Penn Jobs website has been increasing enormously (approximately 16,000 hits the week of January 24), and at the same time printing costs have escalated. Our department and others continue to manage our budget with cost containment in mind. Two, access to the Internet is available via desktop and/or via campus computer labs to all Penn staff. In addition, virtually all public libraries in the Delaware Valley provide Internet access. Finally, as the job market and work environment change, internet exposure is becoming a valued competency. Therefore, please note the following changes:

Printed in Almanac will be titles, and other minimal information for new positions for the week as space permits.

Full job descriptions and qualifications will be on the Penn Jobs website:

Copies of full postings of new jobs will continue to be available by Wednesday mornings in the Penn Job Application Center, located in the Funderberg Information Center, ground floor, 3401 Walnut Street. The Job Application Center is open 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We will continue to mail the new postings to approximately 50 community organizations each week, and will ask these organizations to post the jobs wherever possible.

New positions will continue to be posted in the following locations: School of Medicine, (Blockley Hall), School of Dental Medicine, and the Wharton School.

We are sensitive to the fact that this may impact and/or inconvenience some staff and community members. Questions or comments can be directed to

-- Alicia Brill,Manager of Recruitment Services, Division of Human Resources

Please note: Faculty positions and positions at the Hospital and Health Systems are not included in these listings. For Hospital and Health Systems openings, contact 662-2999.

New Jobs for the week of February 23-27, 1998


Contact: Anna Marcotte

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR I (020250AM) GRADE: P2; RANGE: $22,351-29,098; 2-23-98 Penn Program for Public Service
BUILDING SERVICES ASSISTANT (37.5 HRS) (020259AM) GRADE: G8; RANGE:$17,326-21,686; 2-23-98 SAS Facilities
DIRECTOR V (020297AM) GRADE: P8; RANGE: $39,655-52,015; 3-2-98 Writing Across the University
RESEARCH SPECIALIST JR (020273AM) GRADE: P1; RANGE: $20,291-26,368; 2-27-98 Psychology



Contact: Alicia Brill

PREPARATOR LAB COURSE (020243AB) GRADE: G12; RANGE: $22,866-29,509; 2-23-98 Bioengineering



Contact: Sue Hess

CONTRACT ADMINISTRATOR II (020252SH) GRADE: P5; RANGE: $29,664-38,677; 2-26-98 Office of Research Administration
DIRECTOR STAFF DEVELOPMENT (020301SH) GRADE: P11; RANGE: $56,135-70,246; 3-2-98 Executive Vice President
OFFICE MANAGER I (020262SH) GRADE: P1; RANGE: $20,291-26,368; 2-25-98 Publications



Contact: Anna Marcotte

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III (020261AM) GRADE: G11; RANGE: $20,497-26,008; 2-26-98 Associate Dean
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR IV (020229AM) GRADE: P6; RANGE: $32,857-42,591; 2-24-98 NCOFF



Contact: Anna Marcotte/Lynn Nash-Wexler

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I (020254AM) GRADE: G9; RANGE: $17,614-21,991; 2-24-98 CCEB
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III (40 HRS) (020258AM) GRADE: G11; RANGE: $23,425-29,723; 2-24-98 Psychiatry
CLERK III (40 HRS) (020277AM) GRADE: G6; RANGE:$16,010-19,658; 2-27-98 Psychiatry
EXECUTIVE SECRETARY (N/E) (020219AM) GRADE: G12; RANGE:$22,866-29,509; Institute for Environmental Medicine
FISCAL COORDINATOR II (05662AM) GRADE: P2; RANGE: $22,351-29,098; 2-25-98 Genetics
RESEARCH LAB TECH II (020268LW) GRADE: G8; RANGE: $16,171-20,240; 2-26-98 Physiology
RESEARCH LAB TECH III (020269LW) GRADE: G10; RANGE: $19,261-23,999; 2-26-98 Allergy & Immunology
RESEARCH SPECIALIST JR (020248LW) GRADE: P1; RANGE: $20,291-26,368; 2-24-98 Physiology
RESEARCH SPECIALIST JR (020240LW) GRADE:P1; RANGE: $20,291-26,368; 2-25-98 Genetics/Orthopedics
RESEARCH SPECIALIST JR/I (020253LW) GRADE: P1/P2; RANGE: $20,291-26,368/$22,351-29,098; 2-24-98 Institute for Human Gene Therapy
RESEARCH SPECIALIST I (020267LW) GRADE: P2; RANGE: $22,351-29,098; 2-26-98 Hematology Oncology
RESEARCH SPECIALIST II (020256LW) GRADE: P3; RANGE:$24,617-31,982; 2-24-98 Ophthalmology
SECRETARY IV (020178AM) GRADE: G9; RANGE: $17,614-21,991; 2-27-98 Pathology
STAFF ASSISTANT IV (020257AM) GRADE: P4; RANGE: $26,986-35,123; 2-24-98 Ophthalmology



Contact: Sue Hess/Lynn Nash-Wexler

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I (081407SH) GRADE: G9; RANGE:$17,614-21,991; 2-24-98 Development & Alumni Relations
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II (020272LW) GRADE: G10; RANGE: $19,261-23,999; 2-26-98 Development & Alumni Relations
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II (40 HRS) (020274-LW) GRADE: G10; RANGE: $22,013-27,427; 2-27-98 Assistant Vice President for Development/Development & Alumni Relations


Contact: Sue Hess

COORDINATOR II (101753SH) GRADE: P2; RANGE: $22,351-29,098; 3-2-98 Fels Center of Government


Contact: Alicia Brill

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II (020266AB) GRADE: G10; RANGE: $19,261-23,999; Public Policy & Management
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR IV (020251AB) GRADE: P6; RANGE:$32,857-42,591; 2-24-98 External Affairs
COORDINATOR II (010129AB) GRADE: P2; Range: $22,351-29,098; 2-23-98 Executive Education
DIRECTOR V (OF PUBLICATIONS) (020265AM) GRADE: P8; RANGE: $39,655-52,015 External Affairs/Publications

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