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Thouron Awards to Five

The five Penn students who will go to England next year as Thouron Scholars, according to Dr. Michael Wachter's announcements at Council and to the Trustees in the Stated Meeting last Friday, are:
Shahzad Abaas , a senior in the College, who will pursue a master of philosophy in English literature at Oxford;
John Bishop, who graduated from Wharton in December, who will pursue a B.A. in honors in politics, philosophy and economics, also at Oxford;
Libby Copeland, a senior in the College applying for a master of philosophy in creative writing at the University of Anglia;
Michael Gober, a senior from Wharton applying for a master of philosopy in international relations at the London School of Economics; and
Kathryn Minarik, who will graduate from the College this year, also applying for a a master of science in social psychology, also at the London School of Economics.
In the fall, six British Thouron Award winners will come to Penn, five of them to study on the main campus and the sixth at the New Bolton Center of the School of Veterinary Medicine.

From the Provost Search Committee: A Call for Nominations

To the University Community:
The Provost Search Committee has begun the task of seeking a successor to Stanley Chodorow who stepped down from the position in December 1997.
All members of the University community are invited to submit nominations for individuals, both inside and outside the University, to be considered for the position. Nominations, accompanied by a CV, should be sent to: Provost Search Committee, c/o Office of the Secretary, 100 College Hall/3246.

-- Professor Thomas P. Gerrity, Chair, Provost Search Committee

Penn Reading Project Text Selection

The Penn Reading Project Committee welcomes suggestions for the 1998-99 Penn Reading Project book, Committee Chair and Professor of English, Alan Filreis announced Monday. Any member of the Penn community may recommend a text.
Sponsored by the Undergraduate Council of Deans and now entering its ninth year, the Penn Reading Project was founded on the principle that a common intellectual experience is a valuable part of the New Student Orientation Program. First-year students read a common text over the summer, and during orientation week they discuss it in informal seminars with a faculty member. It is hoped that this experience will introduce students early in their Penn careers to the academic life of the University; that it will bring them together with faculty sooner than is usual; and that it will provide an intellectual experience that can be shared across the entire first-year class. A number of follow-up programs and events are scheduled throughout the academic year. An archive of past projects is available on the web: (link no longer available) .
All first-year students will be sent copies of the selected book over the summer, along with a letter from the deans of the four undergraduate schools conveying their strong hope that new students will participate: "Professors leading the discussions come from a variety of disciplines and expect only your readiness to engage in thoughtful conversation about matters of importance to all educated men and women." Moreover, all first-year students who take writing seminars will be asked to write about the text as part of their first writing assignment.
Last year 145 Reading Project sessions were led by members of the faculty and academic staff over Labor Day weekend. Faculty interested in participating are being urged to mark their calendars now.
Suggested titles may be sent to with a brief sentence or two indicating why the nominated text might be especially effective to use for new Penn students. Suggestions may also be sent to: David Fox, associate director, Academic Programs and Residence Life, Suite 112, High Rise North, 3901 Locust Walk/6180; tel. 898-5551; fax 573-6789.


Penn Operators Want to Know...

To All Faculty and Staff:
University phone operators request that if you have recently changed departments or telephone numbers, or if you have recently been hired by the University, to please fax a memo to the operators at 573-5432 with your name, department, position and telephone number. This will ensure caller connections.

-- Dolores Richmond, Supervisor Operator Services

... And So Does Almanac

Notification of moves is also needed by Almanac, both for publication and for
updating of the distribution lists by which bundles are delivered to or within buildings. Please fax to 898-9137.

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