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Research Foundation Awards Made in the Fall Cycle 1997

Spring Cycle: Deadline March 15

Penn's internally-funded Research Foundation Awards are reviewed and given in two cycles each year. The 1998 Spring Cycle applications deadline is March 15. For application guidelines, click here.

Dr. Daniel Albert, Rheumatology, Medicine; Prediction of Outcome of Total Joint Arthroplasty for Osteoarthritis of the Hip.

Dr. Haim Bau, Mechanical Engineering, SEAS; A NC Milling Machine for the Processing of Pre-Fired Ceramic Tapes and Other Materials Relevant to Minute (On-Chip) Chemical and Biological Laboratories.

Dr. Philip Bergey, Radiology, Medicine; Automated Radiologic Follow-up: A System to Facilitate Capture of Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation Data.

Dr. Charles Bernheimer, Romance Languages, SAS; Publication of the Queen of Decadence: Salome in Modern Culture.

Dr. Lizann Bolinger, Radiology, Medicine; Magnetic Resonance Studies of Pilocarpine Induced Epileptic Seizures.

Dr. Toni Bowers, English, SAS; Force or Fraud: Resistance and Complicity in British Seduction Narratives, 1660-1740.

Dr. Judith Buchanan, Dental Care Systems, Dental Medicine; Evaluation of Virtual Reality Unit in Dental Education.

Dr. Chun-Hung Chen, Systems Engineering, SEAS; An Integer Programming Approach Integrating Simulation and Ordinal Optimization.

Dr. Zhi-Long Chen, Systems Engineering, SEAS; System-Wide Planning: Coordination of Production and Distribution.

Dr. Ram Cnaan, Social Work; The Role of Local Religious Congregations in the Provision of Social Services.

Dr. Michael Edward DiSanto, Surgery, Medicine; Mechanisms for Erection: Effects of Sex Hormones on Corporal Smooth Muscle.

Dr. Charles Emerson, Cell and Developmental Biology, Medicine; Novel Approaches to Investigate Gene Regulatory Mechanisms in Mouse Embryos.

Dr. Fred Frankel, Microbiology, Medicine; Test of a New Safe Vaccine Vector for HIV.
Dr. James Ferguson, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; Immunosuppression in Dairy Cattle Caused by Rumen Acidosis.

Dr. Jorge Ferrer, Clinical Studies, Veterinary Medicine; International Cooperative Research on the Epidemiology and Pathogenicity of Hantaviruses and Human Leukemia Virus Type II in Endemically Infected South American Indian Communities.

Dr. John Fischer, Materials Science, SEAS; Electron Transport Measurement Facility.
Dr. Douglas Frye, Psychology in Education, Graduate Education; Cognitive Change in Early Mathematics.

Dr. Michael Gamer, English, SAS; Fribblers, Macaronies, and Fops: Male Effeminacy and Nation in Eighteenth-Century Britain, 1688-1832.

Dr. Robert Giegengack, Geology, SAS; Quaternary Paleoenvironments in Dakhla and Kharga Oases, Western Desert, Egypt.

Dr. Eduardo Glandt, Chemical Engineering, SEAS; Access in Nanoporous Materials.
Dr. Avery Goldstein, Political Science, SAS; The Security Dilemma and Sino-Japanese Relations in the Post-Cold War World.

Dr. Farah Jasmine Griffin, English, SAS; Lady of the Day: The Myths and Meanings of Billie Holiday.

Dr. Laura Grindstaff, Annenberg; Airing Dirty Laundry: The Production of "Trash" and "Class" on Daytime Television Talkshows.

Dr. Lynda Hart, English, SAS; Critical Performances.

Dr. Fredrik Hiebert, Anthropology, SAS; University of Pennsylvania Central Asia Archaeology Project.

Dr. William Holmes, Medicine, Medicine; The Social Effect of Protease Inhibitors: An Exploratory Study of HIV Seropositive Individuals' Transition Patterns to a Non-Terminal Illness Model.

Dr. Jianhua Huang, Statistics, Wharton; Functional ANOVA Modeling for Proportional Hazards Regression.

Dr. Joseph Jarrett, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; Production and Control of Biological Radicals in Pyruvate Formate-Lyase and Biotin Synthase.

Dr. Jason Scott Johnston, Law; Studies in the Law and Economics of Civil Litigation.

Dr. Thomas Jongens, Genetics, Medicine; Verification that csp is Required for Cell Type=Specific Proliferation and Encodes a Homologue of Chl 12.

Dr. Madeleine Joullie, Chemistry, SAS; A New Class of Reagents for Amino Acid.

Dr. Randall Kamien, Physics, SAS; Mini-Workshop on the Tenth Anniversary of the TGB Phase.

Dr. Grace Kao, Sociology, SAS; Family Influences on the Educational Outcome of Immigrant Youth.

Dr. William Kerr, Molecular and Cellular Engineering, Medicine; Role of SHIP in B Cell Development and Function.

Dr. Paul Korshin, English, SAS; Studies on Samuel Johnson (1709-84) and Johnsoniana.

Dr. Marisa Kozlowski, Chemistry, SAS; Computer-Aided Design of Asymmetric Reaction Processes.

Dr. Kenneth Lande, Physics, SAS; Development of a Very Sensitive Neutron Spectrometer to Determine Neutron Backgrounds for Deep Underground Solar Neutrino Detectors.

Dr. Edward Lankford, Medicine, Medicine; Mechanism of Cardiomyopathy and Skeletal Myopathy in Cardiomyopathic Hamsters.

Dr. Hsueh-Kung Lin, Pathology, Medicine; Distribution of 3alpha-HSD in Human Prostatic Tissues and Role of Type 3 3alpha-HSD Mediated Growth Arrest in Human Prostatic Cells.

Dr. Noam Lior, Mechanical Engineering, SEAS; Laser for a Holographic Interferometry and Speckle Velocimetry Facility for an Interdisciplinary Research Initiative on the Fundamentals of Microelectronic Sensor and Circuit Integrated System Analysis and Design.

Dr. David Luzzi, Materials Science, SEAS; Construction of an Environmental Transfer Chamber and In-Situ Experimental Device for the JEOL2010F Field Emission TEM.

Dr. Joseph Maldjian, Radiology, Medicine; Functional MRI in Neurosurgical Patients.

Dr. Dewey McCafferty, Biochemistry & Biophysics, Medicine; Mechanistic Evaluation of Cell Wall Biosynthesis and Inhibition.

Dr. Eugene Mele, Physics, SAS; Tenth Annual Workshop on Developments in Electronic Structure Algorithms.

Dr. Naomi Miller, Archaeology, SAS; Environment and Land Use at Tell es-Sweyhat and Hajji Ibrahim, Syria.

Dr. Vladimir Muzykantov, Pharmacology, Medicine; Conjugation of Plasminogen Activators to the Carrier Red Blood Cells.

Dr. Irving Nachamkin, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Medicine; Ganglioside-Like Epitopes on Campylobacter Jejuni.

Dr. Elisa New, English, SAS; Monolith Shibboleth: Modern Jewish Image in Folklife, Film and Theory.

Dr. Freida Outlaw, Psychiatric Mental Health, Nursing; The Influence of Church Based Religious Teachings on What and How Single Mothers Teach Their Sons About Sex.

Dr. John Pehrson, Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine; The Role of Histone MacroH2A in X Chromosome Inactivation.

Dr. Ravinder Reddy, Radiology, Medicine; Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Hyperpolarized 3He.

Dr. Jay Reise, Music, SAS; The Selfish Giant: A Recording by the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Dr. Lauren Rich, Social Work; Later Life Education Among Teenage Mothers and Its Effects on Their Children.

Dr. Virginia Richards, Psychology, SAS; Evaluation of Power Spectrum Model of Masking.

Dr. Jose-Victor Rios-Rull, Economics, SAS; On the Distributional Impact of Tax Change.

Dr. Keith Robinson, Rehabilitation Medicine, Medicine; Cognitive Deficits in Persian Gulf War Veterans.

Dr. Peggy Sanday, Anthropology, SAS; The Original of Matrifiliation Among the Minangkabau of West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Dr. Richard Schultz, Biology, SAS; Request for Hydraulic Micromanipulator and Mechanical Injector to Conduct Mouse Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

Dr. Bruce Shenker, Pathology, Dental Medicine; SDM Flow Cytometry Facility Upgrade.

Dr. Gregory Smutzer, Otorhinolaryngology, Medicine; A Preparative Centrifuge for Otorhinolaryngology Research.

Dr. Joseph Spear, Animal Biology, Veterinary Medicine; A New Method for Probing Mechanisms of Antiarrhythmic Drug Action.

Dr. Norton Taichman, Pathology, Dental Medicine; The Biology of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Human Saliva.

Dr. Charles Thayer, Geology, SAS; El Niño History and Ocean Paleotemperatures Recorded in Pacific Coralline Sponges.

Dr. Janet Theophano, Folklore, SAS; Household Words: Women Write for and From the Kitchen.

Dr. John Vohs, Chemical Engineering, SEAS; Acquisition of X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer.

Dr. Eric Weinberg, Biology, SAS; Maternal Control of Anterior-Posterior Identity in the Zebrafish.

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