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February 3, 1998
Volume 44, Number 20

Looking Two Ways at 40th Street

The new Penn Police Station is actually on Chestnut Street-at 4040-but the common reference to "40th Street" at the opening ceremonies underscored its new location at the interface between Penn and the West Philadelphia community.
At the gathering of some 400 wellwishers last week, speakers from President Judith Rodin to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Neal emphasized the outreach symbolized by moving across the what for over a century has amounted to a border (of contiguous campus units, the Dental School was for many years the only Penn installation past 40th Street).
Executive Vice President John Fry summed up a three-point goal for the new installation:
First, to meet the needs of the multiple constituencies the station will serve-Penn's students, faculty and staff, visitors and neighbors-and the campus police force itself. Long housed in scattered locations and often makeshift quarters, the police now have not only the high-tech professional facilities for monitoring and dispatch, but training space, workout equipment and a locker room.
Second, to advance the strategy of fighting crime that calls for more community involvement and more people on the streets. The station will be home to campus and neighborhood town watches and can serve as a meeting place for neighborhood organizations.
Third, to help change the character of a key area symbolized by 40th Street as it runs from Market to Baltimore-where economic initiatives have also been targeted over the past two years. "The location was not accidental," said Mr. Fry. "It bespeaks our commitment to the community and to partnerships with our neighbors."
A public opening with tours will be announced for later in the spring.

Newest Recruits: At the January 27 opening of the new police station, Managing Director of Public Safety Tom Seamon (right) gave police badges to EVP John Fry and President Judith Rodin, "an honor not given lightly," he said. He applauded their efforts to give Penn Police and security units "the facility they deserve and need" to do the job of improving the quality of life for campus and neighborhood. "If Penn is not perceived as safer, all efforts are wasted," he said.

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