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Dean's Review Committee: School of Nursing

Interim Provost Michael Wachter has announced the membership of the committee to review the the deanship of Dr. Norma Lang, School of Nursing (a standing procedure on completion of five years as dean). Members are:

Dr. Andrew Abel, Robert Morris Professor of Banking and Professor of Finance, Wharton, Chair

Dr. Abass Alavi, Professor of Radiology/Medicine

Dr. Jane Barnsteiner, Professor of Nursing

Dr. Linda Brown, Professor of Nursing

Mrs. Eleanor Davis, Alumna/Overseer

Dr. Gregory Farrington, Dean, SEAS

Ms. Amy Levi, Nursing '99

Ms. Kelly Nealon, Nursing '00

Dr. Charles Rosenberg, Professor of History and Sociology of Science, SAS

Dr. Neville Strumpf, Associate Professor of Nursing

Dr. Rosalyn Watts, Associate Professor of Nursing

Ms. Connie Goodman, Office of the Secretary, Staff

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