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Faculty Senate Committees, 1997-98

 Committees Elected by the Senate

Senate Executive Committe

David B. Hackney, radiology/medicine, Past Secretary
John C. Keene, city & regional planning, Chair-elect
Peter J. Kuriloff, education, Past Chair
Jack Nagel, political science, Secretary
Martin Pring, physiology/medicine, Secretary-elect
Vivian C. Seltzer, social work, Chair

At-large Members
Barry Cooperman, chemistry
Helen C. Davies, microbiology/medicine
Jean Henri Gallier, computer & info sci
Larry D. Gladney, physics
Paul R. Kleindorfer, operations & info mgmt
Robin L. Leidner, sociology
Howard Lesnick, law
Ann O'Sullivan, nursing
Daniel D. Perlmutter, chemical engr
Harvey Rubin, medicine
Jorge Santiago-Aviles, electrical engr
Mark Stern, social work

Members Elected by Conststuency

1. Annenberg School: Larry Gross
2. Arts & Sciences (history): Murray Murphey
3. Arts & Sciences (anthropology, history of art, music): Gregory L. Possehl, anthropology
4. Arts & Sciences (mathematics): Peter J. Freyd
5. Arts & Sciences (biology): Larry C. Rome
6. Arts & Sciences (chemistry, geology, history & sociology of science): Ponzy Lu, chemistry
7. Arts & Sciences (classical studies, German, Romance languages, Slavic languages): Ralph Rosen, classical studies
8. Arts & Sciences (economics): Jere R. Behrman
9. Arts & Sciences (English, general honors): Christopher Looby, English
10. Arts & Sciences (folklore & folklife, linguistics, philosophy): George Cardona, linguistics
11. Arts & Sciences (Asian & Middle Eastern, religious, South Asia studies): William R. LaFleur, Asian & Middle Eastern studies
12. Arts & Sciences (physics): Gino Segrè
13. Arts & Sciences (political science): Ellen Kennedy
14. Arts & Sciences (psychology): John P. Sabini
15. Arts & Sciences (sociology): Herbert L. Smith
16. Dental Medicine: Denice C. Stewart
17. Education: Joan F. Goodman
18. Engineering (bioengineering, chemical engineering, materials science & engineering, mechanical engineering & applied mechanics): Haim Bau, mechanical engineering
19. Engineering (computer & information science, electrical engineering, systems): Sohrab Rabii, electrical engineering
20. Fine Arts (architecture, city & regional planning, fine arts, landscape architecture & reg planning): Anthony R. Tomazinis, city & regional planning
21. Law: Charles W. Mooney
22. Medicine (cell & developmental biology, biochemistry & biophysics, pathology): Virginia Lee, pathology laboratory medicine
23. Medicine (anesthesia, obstetrics & gynecology, radiation oncology): Gregory S. Kopf, obstetrics & gynecology
24. Medicine (dermatology, opthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, psychiatry, molecular & cellular engineering): Juan Grunwald, ophthalmology
25. Medicine (genetics, microbiology, molecular & genetic engineering, pharmacology, physiology): Howard Goldfine, microbiology
26. Medicine (allergy & immunology, cardiology, diabetes, endocrine, infectious disease, gastroenter ology, pulmonary, renal): Gary R. Lichtenstein, gastroenterology
27. Medicine (emergency medicine, general medicine, hematology-oncology,hypertension, rheumatology, neurology, rehabilitation medicine): DuPont Guerry IV, hematology-oncology
28. Medicine (pediatrics): Richard A. Polin
29. Medicine (radiology, surgery): Robert H. Choplin, radiology
30. Nursing: Jane Barnsteiner
31. Social Work: Roberta G. Sands
32. Veterinary Medicine (microbiology, pathobiology): David S. McDevitt, animal biology
33. Veterinary Medicine (clinical studies New Bolton Center, Philadelphia): Colin Johnstone, clinical studies, New Bolton Center
34. Wharton (accounting, health care systems, insurance, operations & information management, statistics): James D. Laing, operations & information management
35. Wharton (finance, legal studies, public policy & management): Arnold J. Rosoff, legal studies
36. Wharton (management, marketing, real estate): Marshall Meyer, management

Assistant Professor Members
Julie Fairman, nursing
Wanda Mohr, nursing
Georgette Poindexter, real estate

Senate Committee on Academic Freedom & Responsibility

Terms Expire April 1998
Larry Gross, communication, Chair
E. Ann Matter, religious studies
Ruth J. Muschel, pathology & lab med

Terms Expire April 1999
Rubin C. Gur, psychiatry
Susan Sturm, law
Susan Watkins, sociology

Terms Expire April 2000
Jere R. Behrman, economics
Oscar Gandy, communication
Edward N. Pugh, psychology

Ex officio
Senate Chair-elect John C. Keene, city & reg plng

Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty

Terms Expire April 1998
Roger M. Allen, Asian & Mid East studies
To be named, Chair

Terms Expire April 1999
Joseph Gyourko, real estate
Bruce J. Shenker, pathology/dental

Terms Expire April 2000
Jane Barnsteiner, nursing
Rebecca Maynard, education

Ex officio
Senate Chair Vivian Seltzer, social work
Past Senate Chair Peter J. Kuriloff, education
Senate Chair-elect John C. Keene, city & reg plng

Senate Committee on Conduct

Terms Expire April 1998
Vivian L. Gadsden, education
John A. Lepore, civil systems
Hermann Pfefferkorn, geology, Chair
Terms Expire April 1999
Joan F. Goodman, education
M. Susan Lindee, history & sociol sci
Edward R. Thornton, chemistry

Committees Elected by the Senate Executive Committee

Senate Committee on Administration

Louis A. Girifalco, mat'ls sci & engr, Chair
Frank Goodman, law
Abba M. Krieger, statistics
Joan Mollman, neurology
Cynthia Scalzi, nursing
Henry Teune, political science
Jerry Wind, marketing

Ex officio
Senate Chair Vivian Seltzer, social work
Senate Chair-elect John C. Keene, city & reg plng

Senate Committee on the Faculty

Ralph Ginsberg, education
Larry D. Gladney, physics
William F. Harris II, political sci,Chair
Robert C. Hornik, communication
Charles W. Mooney, law
Yvonne Paterson, microbio/med
Harvey Rubin, medicine
Paul Shaman, statistics

Ex officio
Senate Chair Vivian Seltzer, social work
Senate Chair-elect John C. Keene, city & reg plng

Senate Committee on Publication Policy for Almanac

Harold J. Bershady, sociology
Helen C. Davies, microbiol/med
Peter J. Freyd, mathematics
Martin Pring, physiology/med,Chair

Ex officio
Senate Chair Vivian Seltzer, social work
Senate Chair-elect John C. Keene, city & reg plng

Senate Committee on Students and Educational Policy

Stephen N. Dunning, religious studies
Stephen Gale, regional science
Paul Guyer, philosophy
Ann O'Sullivan, nursing
Holly Pittman, history of art
Jorge Santiago-Aviles, electrical engr
Neil Shubin, biology
Mark Steedman, computer & info sci
David R. Williams, psychology, Chair

Ex officio
Senate Chair Vivian Seltzer, social work
Senate Chair-elect John C. Keene, city & reg plng

 Faculty Grievance Commission

Terms Expire June 30, 1998
Paul R. Kleindorfer, op'ns & info mgmt, Past Chair
Yoshitaka Suyama, biology, Chair-elect
Barbara B. Woodhouse, law, Chair

 [The Faculty Grievance Procedure can be found in Section II.E.12 of the Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators (online at:, in Almanac 8/30/88, revised Almanac 5/24/94, or contact the Faculty Senate Office, 898-6943.]

The University Council

The University Council, Penn's University-wide governance organization, meets monthly during the academic year to deliberate on campus issues and share information on University projects and progress. Council is advisory to the president and includes representatives of the Faculty Senate, two student assemblies, and three staff assemblies. The full membership is shown below.

Council's agenda and formal reports, and much of its debate, appear in Almanac. Meetings are open to observers who register their interest in advance by calling the Office of the Secretary (898-7005).

Much of the work of Council is done through its committee structure. As noted in the bylaws: "The committees governed by these bylaws are the standing committees of the Council, special committees created by the Council from time to time, and the independent committees."

This insert lists the 1997-98 membership of the standing committees--those "whose activities are directly instrumental in advancing the work of the Council" and of the independent committees, which Council"--does not directly charge but which may be called upon to report to the Council on specific issues within their purview."

Any member of the University may be asked to serve on committees of the University Council, and only members of the University are eligible to do so. Each year, publishing a call in Almanac for volunteers and nominations, the Committee on Committees accepts nominations from the various constituencies for membership on the standing committees with the exception of the Committee on Research, and on the independent committees with the exception of the Committee on Open Expression and the Academic Planning and Budget Committee. (These excepted committees' structures are outlined in detail in the Bylaws, published March 21, 1995 and maintained on line.) The Committee on Committees' nominations are forwarded to the Steering Committee, which appoints members.

The workings of the committees can be found in an overview of their charges published in Almanac October 14, 1997, or in Year-End Reports in the issues of September 23, October 14, and November 25. --Ed.

1997-98 University Council Membership

Steering Committee

Donna Arthur
Jane Barnsteiner
James Bean
Noah Bilenker
Joan Goodman
Larry Gross
Meredith Hertz
John C. Keene, Chair-elect
Peter J. Kuriloff, Past Chair
Judith Rodin
Matthew Ruben
Gino Segre
Vivian Seltzer, Chair
Michael Wachter

Elected by the Faculty at Large

(Faculty Senate Officers are Indicated)

Barry Cooperman
Helen C. Davies
Jean Henri Gallier
Larry Gladney
David Hackney, Past Secy
John C. Keene, Chair-elect
Paul R. Kleindorfer
Peter J. Kuriloff, Past Chair
Robin L. Leidner
Howard Lesnick*
Jack Nagel, Secy
Ann O'Sullivan
Daniel D. Perlmutter
Martin Pring*, Secy-elect
Harvey Rubin
Jorge Santiago-Aviles
Vivian Seltzer, Chair
Mark Stern

Elected by Faculty Constituencies

Term Expires May 1998
2 Murray Murphey
4 Peter J. Freyd
6 Ponzy Lu
8 Jere R. Behrman*
10 George Cardona
12 Gino Segre
14 John P. Sabini*
16 Denice C. Stewart
18 Haim Bau
20 Anthony R. Tomazinis
22 Virginia Lee
24 Juan Grunwald*
26 Gary R. Lichtenstein
28 Richard A. Polin
30 Jane Barnsteiner
32 David S. McDevitt*
34 James D. Laing
36 Marshall Meyer*
Term Expires May 1999
1 Larry Gross
3 Gregory Possehl
5 Larry C. Rome*
7 Ralph Rosen*
9 Christopher Looby
11 William R. LaFleur
13 Ellen Kennedy*
15 Herbert L. Smith*
17 Joan F. Goodman
19 Sohrab Rabii
21 Charles W. Mooney
23 Gregory S. Kopf
25 Howard Goldfine
27 DuPont Guerry
29 Robert H. Choplin
31 Roberta G. Sands
33 Colin Johnstone
35 Arnold J. Rosoff*

Assistant Professors

Term Expires May 1998
Wanda Mohr
Term Expires May 1999
Julie Fairman
Georgette Poindexter

Junior and Research Faculty Members

 Term Expires May 1998 Term Expires May 1999
To be named

Undergraduate Students

Samara Barend
Rishi Bajaj
Noah Bilenker
Bill Conway
Adam Etra
David Goldberger
Meredith Hertz
Jeremy Katz
Dan Kryzanowski
Lee Rosen
John Seitz
Sara Shenkan
Lori Taliaferro
Olivia Troye
Olivia Voellmicke
United Minorities Council Tope Koledoye

Graduate/Professional Students

David Bowie
Christy Doran
Omotola Hope
Deborah James
Drae M. Jones
Scot Kaplan
Angelos Keromytis
Christina Mastroianni
Matthew Ruben
Srinivas Sripada
Heidi Tarshis
Sanjay Udani
Vit Vasista
Alex Welte
One to be named

Members of the Administration

Colin Diver
Raymond Fonseca
William Gipson
Gary Hack
Norma Lang
Larry Moneta
Judith Rodin
Maureen Rush
Ira Schwartz
Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum
Michael Wachter
 Librarians Assembly John Keane
 Penn Professional Staff Assembly James Bean
 A-3 Assembly Donna M. Arthur
 ROTC Representative Col. Paul F. Pugh*
 Parliamentarian Mark Frazier Lloyd*
 Moderator To be named*
 Secretary Constance C. Goodman*

(Faculty Senate offices are italicized. Asterisk [*] indicates observer status)

1997-98 Council and Independent Committees

Council Committees

Admissions and Financial Aid

Chairs: David Williams (psychology) Co-chair
Warren Seider (chemical engineering) Co-chair
Peter Conn (English)
Robert F. Giegengack (geology)
Larry Gladney (physics)
William Graham (materials science)
Abba Krieger (statistics)
Katherine McCauley (nursing)
Warren Seider (chemical engineering)
David Williams (psychology)
Three grad/professional to be named
Josh Fink (College '00)
Rachael Goldfarb (College '99)
Eugene Huang (SEAS '99)
PPSA: Nancy Streim (assoc. dean, GSE)
Ex officio:
Terry Conn (asst. vice provost, Univ. life)
William Schilling (director, student financial aid)
Willis Stetson (dean of admissions)
Sharon Pepe (director, Penn Plan)
Invited guest: Carrie Spann (associate director, Wharton undergraduate division)


Chair: Robert Regan (English)
William R. Brennen (chemistry)
Ted Chinburg (mathematics)
Phillipe Met (Romance languages)
Daniel Raff (management)
Robert Regan (English)
Ruth York (nursing)
Heidi Tarshis (dental)
One grad/professional to be named
Robin Grossman (College '99)
One undergrad to be named
Joanne Lyon (office manager, Nursing)
Michael Ryan (dir. Special Collections)
Adam Sherr (mkt./meal contract coord., Dining)
A-3: Loretta Miller (Student Information & Systems)
Ex officio: Michael Knezic (director, Bookstore)


Chair: Martin Pring (physiology/medicine)
James Corner (architecture)
Gerald Faulhaber (pub pol & mgmt)
Ellis Golub (biochemistry)
Steven Kimbrough (oper & info mgmt)
David Mozley (radiology & psychiatry)
Martin Pring (physiology/medicine)
David Smith (anesthesia/med)
One to be named
Jennifer Chayo (College '00)
Joanna Fueyo (biomedicine)
Paul Goydan (Wharton '00)
Elvin Montero (Annenberg)
Donna Milici (dir., Acad. Computing)
One to be named
A-3: Two to be named
Ex officio: Ken Wildes (director, communications)
Larry Moneta (associate vice president,
business services)
Paul Mosher (vice provost & dir. of libraries)
Steven Murray (vice president, business services)
James O'Donnell (vice provost, information systems & computing)

Community Relations

Chairs: Margaret Cotroneo (nursing) Chair, fall '97
Jane Isaacs Lowe (social work) Chair, spring '98
Margaret Cotroneo (nursing)
Peter Dodson (animal biology/geology)
Frank Goodman (law)
Christopher Hasty (music)
Martin G. Keane (medicine)
Klaus Krippendorff (communication)
Jane Isaacs Lowe (social work)
Brian Spooner (anthropology)
Two grad/professional to be named
Jonathan Bluth (College '99)
Aaron Fidler (Wharton '00)
Roberta Dougherty (librarian, Mid East Bib. Van Pelt)
Quyen Ho (membership dir. WXPN)
Marja Hoek-Smit (dir. Intl Housing Finance Program)
Billie Meeks (GSE)
Donna Arthur (Law School)
Debra Smiley Koita (CPPS)
Ex officio:
Jeanne Arnold (director, African American
Resource Center)
Glenn Bryan (director, community relations)
Vinnie Curren (manager,WXPN)
Michael Diorka (director, recreation)
John Fry (executive vice president)
David Grossman (director, PSCI)
Ira Harkavy (director, community partnerships
Pam Robinson (assoc. dir. res. life)


Chair: Anthony R. Tomazinis (city & reg plng)
Nadia Alhasani (architecture)
Stephen Hoch (mrktg)
Anuradha Mathur (landscape architecture)
Barbara Savage (history)
Anthony R. Tomazinis (city & reg plng)
Vucan Vuchic (systems engr)
Two to be named
Two grad/professional to be named
Kyle Duarte (Wharton '98)
Michelle Koch (Wharton '00)
Vivian Hasiuk (asst. to chair, Physics)
Two to be named
John Hogan (Biddle Law Library)
One to be named
Ex officio: Glenn Bryan (director, community
Omar Blaik (vice president, fac. services and
contract management)
Alice Nagle (coordinator, Program for People
with Disabilities)
Ronald Sanders (registrar)

International Programs

Chair: Pedro Ponte-Castenada (mechanical engr)
N. Bulent Gultekin (finance)
Robert Mariano (economics)
Pedro Ponte-Castenada (mechanical engr)
Thomas Safley (history)
Harold F. Schiffman (S. Asian st)
Arie Schinnar (pub pol & mgmt)
Richard Waterman (Wharton)
Eric Weinberg (biology)
Chioma Ogbuokiri (Wharton)
Brian Tsung-Han Tsai (Architecture)
One grad/professional to be named
Loren Berman (College '00)
Jonathan Zilberstein (SEAS '98 )
One undergrad to be named
Lois Ginsberg (assoc. dir., Organizational Dynmanics)
One staff member to be named
Ex officio: Joyce Randolph (dir, intl. programs)


Chair: Karin McGowan (pediatrics)
William R. Brennen (chemistry)
Robert Gaiser (anesthesia/med)
Ellis Golub (biochemistry/dental)
Karin L. McGowan (pediatrics)
Philippe Met (Romance languages)
Donald F. Morrison (statistics)
Amos B. Smith (chemistry)
One faculty member to be named
Alexander Thein (GAS)
One grad/professional to be named
Michelle McClarske (College '00)
Michelle Tucker (College '00)
Wesley Proctor (Office of the President)
One to be named
Ex officio: Elizabeth Kelly (director, Biddle Law
Paul Mosher (vice provost & dir. libraries)

Personnel Benefits

Chair: David Hackney (radiology/med)
Eugene K. Betts (medicine)
Charles E. Dwyer (education)
David Hackney (radiology/med)
Hendrik Hameka (chemistry)
Carl Polsky (accounting)
Gerald F. Porter (mathematics)
Sheldon Rovin (dental)
To be named (liaison, Senate Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty)
Three staff members to be named
Stephanie Knox (Dental Restoration)
Debra Smiley Koita (CPPS)
Margaret Schroeder (Nursing)
Ex officio: Kenneth Campbell (comptroller)
Al Johnson (assistant manager, benefits counseling)
Barbara Lowery (associate provost)
Jack Heuer (vice president, human resources)

Committee on Pluralism

Chair: Eric Cheyfitz (English)
Fay Ajzenberg-Selove (physics)
Jorge Santiago-Aviles (elec engr)
Mary Berry (history)
Eric Cheyfitz (English)
Stephen N. Dunning (religious studies)
Stephen Gale (political science)
Alan Heston (economics)
Jill E. Jacobs (radiology/med)
Isabel Molina Guzman (Annenberg)
John P. Williams (Medicine)
One grad/professional to be named
Snigdha Bollempally (C '99)
Two undergrads to be named
Christopher Cataldo (mgr., admin & fin, GSFA)
Lyn Seng (dir.special projects, Medical School)
John Hogan (Biddle Law Library)
Stephanie Knox (Dental Restoration)
Loretta Miller (Student Info & Systems)
Ex officio: Jeanne Arnold (director, African
American Resource Center)
Donna M. Arthur (chair, A-3 Assembly)
James Bean (chair, PPSA)
Valerie deCruz (dir., Greenfield Intercultural Center)
Elena DiLapi (dir., Penn Women's Center)
Tope Koledoye (chair, United Minorities Council)
Joyce Randolph (director, international programs)
Scott Reikofski (director, fraternity/sorority affairs)
Terri White (director, academic support programs)

Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics

Chair: Peter Hand (animal biology/vet)
Steven Galetta (neurology/med)
Stephen Gluckman (infectious diseases/med)
Hendrik Hameka (chemistry)
Peter Hand (animal biology/vet)
Alan Heston (economics)
Edward T. Lally (pathology/dental)
Cynthia Scalzi (nursing)
Raymond W. Sweeney (vet)
Jennifer Giordano (education)
One grad/professional to be named
Marc Edelman (Wharton '99)
Jeremy Moneta (SEAS '00)
Erika Gross (liability adm., Risk Management)
Jennifer Wollman ( assoc. dir, Classes & Reunions)
A-3: Two to be named
Ex officio: Steve Bilsky (director, division of
recreation & intercollegiate athletics)
Michael Burton (office of the president)
Larry Moneta (associate vice pres. campus services)
Willis Stetson (dean of admissions)

Research Committee

Chair: Barbara Medoff-Cooper (nursing)
Nabil Farhat (elec engr)
Anthony Kroch (linguistics)
Peter J. McCleary (architecture)
Barbara Medoff-Cooper (nursing)
Mark R. Rosenzweig (econ)
Brian Strom (medicine)
Barbara Weber (hem-onc/med)
Arjun G. Yodh (physics)
Two to be named
Joanna Fueyo (biomed)
Sameer S. Sonkusale (GEP)
Two undergrads to be named
Ex officio: Ralph Amado (vice provost for research)
Anthony Merritt (director, research administration)

Safety and Security

Chair: Sean Kennedy (anesthesia/med)
Marilyn V. Howarth (emergency med)
Sean Kennedy (anesthesia/med)
John Lepore (civil systems)
Ponzy Lu (chemistry)
Jerry Prince (Romance lang)
Alvin Rubinstein (political sci)
Karen Winey (materials sci)
Gail Yarnell (restorative dentistry)
Two grad/professional to be named
Ben Cohen (College '99)
Scott J. Cohen (College '00 )
Emily Pollack (College '00)
Valerie Pena (director, Health Science Library)
David Valentine (bus. adm. Office of
International Programs)
John Hogan (Biddle Law Library)
One to be named
Ex officio: Jeanne Arnold (director, African
American Resource Center)
Barbara Cassel (associate vice provost)
Elena DiLapi (director, Penn Women's Center)
Robert Furniss (director, transportation and parking)
James Miller (director, fire & occupational safety)
Scott Reikofski (director, fraternity/sorority affairs)
Maureen Rush (director, police operations)
Thomas Seamon (managing director, public safety)
James Wargo (director, physical plant)

Student Affairs

Chair: Anthony Rostain (psychiatry)
Faculty: :
John Biaglow (radiation oncology/med)
Alexander J. Brucker (ophthalmology)
Lisa Downing (philosophy)
Alan Charles Kors (history)
Anthony Rostain (psychiatry)
Neville Strumpf (nursing)
Two to be named
Two grad/professional to be named
Noah Bilenker (College '99)
Steven Schorr (Wharton '98)
Dolya Srivisal (Wharton '99)
Jackie Smith (student financial services)
Caryn Stivelman (Johnson Foundation)
Ex officio: Noah Bilenker (chair, UA)
William Christian Gipson (University chaplain)
Larry Moneta (associate vice pres.,
campus services)
Terry Conn (assistant vice provost, Univ. life)
Sanjay Udani (Chair, GAPSA)

Independent Committees

Academic Planning & Budget

Chair: Michael Wachter (interim provost)
Roberta Ballard (pediatric)
Michael Fitts (law)
Eduardo Glandt (chemical engineering)
Richard Kihlstrom (Wharton)
Peter Kuriloff (GSE)
Kenneth Lande (physics)
Gerald Porter (mathematics)
Susan Ross (microbiology)
Kenneth Shropshire (legal studies/real estate)
Susan Corson-Finnerty (exec. asst. to dep. provost)
Ms. Kathryn J. Engebretson (V.P. finance)
*John Fry (EVP)
Linda Koons (exec. asst. to provost)
Bernard Lentz (dir. institutional res. & analysis)
Mike Masch (asst. to pres/exec. dir. budget & mgmt. analysis)
*Paul Mosher (vice provost & dir. libraries)
Stephen Schutt (V.P. & chief of staff, president's office)
Alan Danzig (UA 6/98)
Sundar Natarajan (GAPSA 6/98)
Mark Sagat (UA 6/99)

Disability Board

Chair: Janet Deatrick (nursing)
P. J. Brennan (medicine)
Janet Deatrick (nursing)
Ira Katz (psychiatry)
Scott Manaker (medicine)
Olivia Mitchell (insurance)
Ralph Schumacher (medicine)
Arthur Whereat (medicine)
John Hogan (Biddle Law Library)
Ex officio: David Hackney (radiology/med) (chair, Personnel Benefits Committee)

Honorary Degrees

Chair: Jeffrey Tigay (Asian & Mid Eastern st)
Stuart Churchill (chem engr)
Frank Goodman (law)
Marilyn Hess (pharmacology)
Madeleine Joullie (chemistry)
Howard Kunreuther (oper & info mgmt)
A. M. Rostami (neurology/med)
Jeffrey Tigay (Asian & Mid Eastern st)
Jason Marbutt (College '98)
Abraham Oler (College '98)
William H. Sauer (medicine)
Alexander Thein (SAS)

Open Expression

Chair: Dennis Culhane (social work)
C. Edwin Baker (law)
Dennis Culhane (social work)
Mary Morrison (psychology)
Pamela Sankar (bioethics)
Howard Stevenson (education)
Three to be named
Dennis Mahoney (Wharton)
Winnie Smart-Mapp (Community Partnerships)
One to be named
Don Marks (GAPSA; GAS)
Galya Ruffer (GAPSA; GAS)
One grad/professional to be named
Miranda Berge (UA; College '99)
Jeremy Katz (UA; College '99)
One undergrad to be named

Student Fulbright Awards

Committee discontinued

 (Asterick [*] indicates observer status)



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