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On the 1985 Peace Prize: Credit to Others

As a sidebar to Almanac's October 7 story on Dr. Stanley Prusiner's winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine, we noted briefly some earlier encounters between health-related members of Penn and the Prize-in Medicine, Chemistry, and once even the Peace Prize. Working from memory on deadline we noted that one of those who shared the Peace Prize in 1985 was Dr. Patrick Storey. The original Almanac story October 15, 1985, had correctly credited several others-notably Alumnus Richard Steinman, who was then completing his M.D./Ph.D degrees; Dr. Stanley Baum of radiology, Dr. Storey and Dr. Paul Stolley of Medicine.

Dr. Storey has written to say that he was "delighted, but discomfited" to see only his name October 7, and provided the fuller picture:

"It was Bernard Lown and Yevgenny Chazov, representing IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War), who shared that prize for work in movilizing public opiinion against the potential of nuclear warfare. PSR (Physicians for Social Responsibility) was the American arm of that movement. My role was that of membership in that group of membership on the Philadelphia Advisory Board of PSR-a "galaxy" of great Philadelphia doctors who supported the IPPNW movement through their participation in the activities of PSR. Ind eed, if anyone from Penn deserves special mention, it would be one of our medical students, Richard Steinman, who was our inspiration and maxium leader through those critical years. The really active group in running the Philadelphia PSAR was the Steering Committee and some few key staff people-who were underpaid and overworked to keep the movement going.

"Thanks for the mention, anyhow....It's just that there were so many who did so much more than I," Dr. Storey concluded.

Also in Logan Hall: General Honors

Last week in a caption we listed several departments that are moving into Logan Hall at year's end. Missing from the list we received was the General Honors Program (which includes the Benjamin Franklin and University Scholars Programs), now in Hayden Hall. -- K.C.G.

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