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In Vet School Assault Reports, a Finding of "Unfounded"

The following statement was issued by the University of Pennsylvania Police on Thursday, October 16, following interviews and quotes attributed to the Philadelphia Police that appeared in the public media. -Ed.

Update Regarding Alleged Assaults of a Female Student Inside the Vet School

A Penn student reported two incidents of possible criminal assault inside the Veterinary School/Hospital over a three month period. The first incident was alleged to have occurred on May 7, 1997. The second incident was reported on August 28, 1997. An exhaustive criminal investigation was initiated on May 7, 1997, by the University of Pennsylvania Police Department in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police and other law enforcement agencies.

Both alleged incidents of assault and other complaints of harassment have been determined through investigation to be unfounded. Unfounded in this instance means that through extensive investigation it was positively determined that the events could not have happened as reported.

Significant media attention followed the August incident, resulting in requests for information from within the University and continuing questions from the local news media. It is hoped that the release of the results of the criminal investigation, limited in order to protect the privacy of the student, will address the remaining concerns within the University community and the local media.

- Susan A. Hawkins, Director of Special Services, Division of Public Safety

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