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Where to Find the Job Opportunities-Here and Elsewhere

Listed below are the new job opportunities at the University of Pennsylvania. Where the qualifications are described in terms of formal education or training, prior experience in the same field may be substituted.

There are approximately 280 additional open positions for examination at the Job Application Center, Funderburg Information Center, 3401 Walnut St. (215-898-7285). Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. New openings are also posted daily at the following locations: Blockley Hall, the Wharton School and the Dental School.

A full listing of job opportunities is at the Human Resource Services website: Current employees needing access to the web, may go to the Computer Resource Center at 3732 Locust Walk with your PENNCard to obtain a list of computer labs on campus available for your use.

In addition, almost every public library in the Delaware Valley now provides web access. In the near future, as our office remodels the Job Application Center, we hope to have computers available for current employees and others to peruse the current job openings. Openings are also mailed to approximately 50 community sites weekly.

--Employment, H.R.

Please note: Faculty positions and positions at the Hospital and Health Systems are not included in these listings. For Hospital and Health System openings, contact 662-2999.

Contact: Anna Marcotte

LANGUAGE ANALYST (101653AM) Lead team of Spanish transcribers; audit audio files; transcribe & check files; maintain word lists; spell check programs; distribute work & monitor quality; train new transcribers; participate in decision making regarding projects; set deadlines; represent transcription team. QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS required; fluency in Spanish; 1 year transcription experience necessary; previous experience with supervision helpful; proficient typing skills; interest in language & technology research. GRADE: P2; RANGE: $22,351-29,098; 10-17-97 Linguistics

PROGRAMMER ANALYST II (04526AM) Provide advanced IT support for faculty projects; develop (and assist faculty to develop) educational software; design & program web pages; provide technical support & consulting for educational use of technology; diagnose & resolve complex technical problems; evaluate & acquire appropriate software; some system administration tasks; prepare technical documentation.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS in Computer Science or equivalent; 2 to 4 years relevant work experience; database experience (especially Oracle); experience programming in C or C++ & CGI programming; advanced knowledge of UNIX; experience in programming Java & Perl; experience with Windows NT or 95; ability to work in academic settings. GRADE: P6; RANGE: $32,857-42,591; 10-17-97 SAS Computing

Contact: Ronald Story

SECRETARY III (40 HRS) (081381RS) Serve as back-up secretary/receptionist; perform varied secretarial tasks, library research & special projects; compose routine correspondence; arrange appointments/meetings; handle standard inquires; organize & maintain files. QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma in business curriculum or equivalent; 1 year secretarial experience preferred; type 55 wpm; familiarity with word processing packages/office automation equipment; ability to work independently. GRADE: G8; RANGE: $18,481-23,132; 10-17-97 Student Affairs


Contact: Sue Hess

ASSISTANT MANAGER, BENEFITS ACCOUNTING/RESEARCH (101673SH) Review & recommend modifications to benefits programs; supervise the administration & financial management of these programs; analyze utilization reports from providers; coordinate systems requirements for the department; serve as a liaison between the University & its providers/ consultants; supervise a staff of 5 accounting professionals. QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS or equivalent required, MBA with emphasis in finance or math preferred; minimum 5 years progressive experience in benefits design & administration; knowledge of ERISA & other benefits regulations; highly developed analytical & supervisory skills; ability to conceptualize issues & evaluate their practical impact on programs; computer skills including WordPerfect, Lotus & Access or Dbase. GRADE: P8; RANGE: $39,655-52,015; 10-20-97 Human Resources Benefits

BENEFITS SPECIALIST II (101672AB) Counsel employees on full range of University benefits, including analysis & costing of impact of choosing available options; calculate & explain provisions of University's defined benefit & defined contribution plans; calculate & explain maximum amounts allowed as contributions to 403(b) plan; present benefit programs & changes before diverse audience; actively participate in planning & conducting open enrollment process.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS preferably in Business Administration; minimum 2 to 3 years benefits experience; knowledge of ERISA & other benefits regulations; excellent oral & written communication skills; proven analytical skills; computer skills including WordPerfect, Lotus & Access or Dbase. GRADE: P4; RANGE: $26,986-35,123; 10-20-97 Human Resources Benefits


Contact: Anna Marcotte/Lynn Nash-Wexler

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II (40 HRS) (081432AM) Maintain lab equipment & supplies; monitor building problems; manage service requests; coordinate proper equipment usage; oversee kitchen facility & housekeeping; order supplies; maintain records; prepare service contracts; handle mail. QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma, some college preferred; 3 years relevant administrative or lab experience in university setting; training in FinMIS preferred; knowledge of Excel & Word on Macintosh systems; familiarity with lab equipment; detail oriented; strong verbal & written communication skills. GRADE: G10; RANGE: $22,013-27,427; 10-16-97 Cancer Center

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT III (40 HRS) (081422AM) Coordinate seminars & develop list of new speakers; manage speaker activity & seminar arrangements; maintain databases, files & mailings.
QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma; 6 years administrative secretarial or related experience required; type 45 wpm; computer proficiency; written, verbal & organizational skills required; excellent interpersonal skills; able to handle multiple tasks; work with diverse group of people; demonstrated independence & judgement; excellent customer service skills, especially in stressful environment. GRADE: G11; RANGE: $23,425-29,723; 10-13-97 Pharmacology

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR VI (101641AM) Manage operating budget system & coordinate budget process; assist in resolving issues related to the budgeting system & process & in analyzing budget submissions; prepare budget packages; provide technical support on use of Pillar budgeting software; develop, maintain & update databases; manage files & homepage; generate reports & provide analysis; conduct quantitative analysis on financial issues.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS required, MBA with information technology background preferred; 5 years of financial planning & database management experience; able to conduct quantitative analysis; strong working knowledge of spreadsheet software; familiarity with Pillar, FinMIS, Business Object & Data Warehouse strongly preferred; must be able to demonstrate ability to conceptualize complex tasks; strong verbal & written communication skills. GRADE: P7; RANGE: $36,050- 46,814; 10-14-97 Resource Planning & Analysis

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR VI (40 HRS) (101650AM) Manage activities in Human Applications Lab (HAL) for production of adenovirus, adeno-associated virus & other vectors for pre-clinical animal studies & human clinical trials; supervise employees; initiate & provide enhancements of new procedures; design & implement protocols; investigate & recommend purchases of new devices; serve as primary source for information on viral production; schedule production priorities; oversee contracting; maintain GMP & GLP regulations for manufacturing & testing; design & supervise validation programs; present data & information on laboratory & production.
QUALIFICATIONS: MS in Molecular Biology, Virology or Chemistry with 3 to 6 years experience in cell biology and/or virology laboratory, or PhD in Molecular Biology, Virology or Chemistry with minimum 2 years of post-doctoral experience; extensive experience required in large-scale growth of different cells & viruses & different types of purification systems; experienced with equipment for puifuges & chromatography; familiarity with GLP/GMP procedures; position contingent upon grant funding. GRADE: P7; RANGE: $36,050-46,814; 10-17-97 Institute of Human Gene Therapy

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY TO THE SR VICE DEAN (40 HRS) (101654AM) Provide support to & manage Office of the Senior Vice Dean including scheduling & communicating issues & actions on agenda; serve as primary liaison to external, University & Health System offices; review confidential correspondence & documents; prepare responses for signature & approval; monitor office expenses; supervise office equipment operation; collect & compile data; solve problems; process & route documents.
QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma required, BA/BS preferred; 7 years experience as Executive Secretary or Office Administrator required; previous experience editing documents; word processing experience & excellent typing skills required; excellent organizational, verbal & written communication skills; ability to deal effectively with diverse constituencies; ability to work effectively under constantly changing deadlines & priorities; knowledge of Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, spreadsheet, presentation & calendaring software preferred; familiarity with health system environment preferred. GRADE: G12; RANGE: $26,133-33,725; 10-17-97 Office of the Senior Vice Dean

HISTOLOGY TECH (091551LW) Participate in routine staining & section of histology specimens; perform special stains as requested; cut animal specimens & perform immunohistochemistry as required; complete laboratory paper work; maintain quality control & follow safety standards necessary for licensure; maintain all laboratory functions; responsible for updating & maintaining laboratory manual; utilize computer database for specimen logging & tracking; provide assistance in budget formulation for long-term projects.
QUALIFICATIONS: Board certified as Histotechnologist; 3 to 5 years minimum experience in histopathology & lab techniques; ocular experience peferred. GRADE: G11; RANGE: 20,497-26,008; 10-17-97 Ophthalmology

PROGRAM ANALYST III (40 HRS) (101633AM) Establish & maintain table database environment for clinical research project; design, implement & maintain Oracle database system; assume lead role in coordinating database activities; provide technical support; design & implement quality assurance systems; maintain data archives; implement & maintain system security & recovery procedures & reports; create files for statistical analysis & conduct basic statistical analysis.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS required, MS degree in Information Systems preferred; 4 to 5 years experience; experience as developer/administrator in Oracle environment; experience with SAS and/or SPPS & basic statistical analytic procedures; proficiency with PC Windows NT & UNIX. GRADE: P7; RANGE: $36,050-46,814; 10-13-97 CCEB

PROJECT MANAGER I, PART-TIME (20 HRS) (101634AM) Coordinate sponsored grant studying adverse events with drugs to arrest premature labor; establish relationships with 5 area hospitals to obtain records; collect medical records data & abstractions; perform some data entry; develop & maintain project records/documentation; prepare progress reports.
QUALIFICATIONS: RN required, MS degree preferred; 2 years experience with computer applications software or equivalent education/work; prior research experience; highly organized & attentive to details; excellent interpersonal skills; position requires travel throughout Delaware Valley. GRADE: P5; RANGE: $16,951-22,101; 10-13-97 CCEB

PROJECT MANAGER II (40 HRS) (091544AM) Identify patients with cancer related pain who are potentially eligible subjects; develop rapport with & enroll patients in difficult pain treatment studies; assist & advise about pain care & study; treat & screen patients for specific clinical trials; independently recruit, enroll & follow subjects; collect data & administer assessments; train & supervise research staff; develop & maintain project records & documentation.
QUALIFICATIONS: RN required with MS in Epidemiology, Nursing or equivalent; minimum 5 years experience in Oncology nursing or pain management; teaching & management experience preferred; strong organizational & communications skills; able to work independently. GRADE: P7; RANGE: $36,050-46,814; 10-13-97 CCEB

PROJECT MANAGER III (101643AM) Manage research activities; design forms; provide data collection, analysis & reports; supervise professional & support staff; design new research studies & write grant applications; oversee project budgets; review & synthesize medical literature & analyze health policy issues; direct communications.
QUALIFICATIONS: MA/MS in Public Health, Epidemiology or related field; 5 years experience in health services research or health policy; experience with analysis, data management, research methodology & management; strong verbal & written communication skills. GRADE: P8; RANGE: $39,655- 52,015; 10-17-97 General Medicine

RESEARCH COORDINATOR JR, PART-TIME (20 HRS) (101635LW) Recruit patients into study; conduct patient interviews; obtain NP swabs & deliver to lab; maintain records; meet with supervisor; perform other related duties as assigned.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS degree; 1 to 2 years experience in patient interviews & recruitment; 1 to 2 years experience in maintaining study records; strong verbal & written communication skills; some computer knowledge; position lasts 6 months. GRADE: P2; RANGE: $12.772-16.628; 10-13-97 CCEB

RESEARCH SPECIALIST I (40 HRS) (10639LW) Responsible to principal investigator for conducting scientific research in Microbiology; project involves development & analysis of campylobacter vaccine.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS or equivalent degree from 4 year educational institution; 3 to 5 years technical laboratory experience in microbiology, molecular biology & animal models. GRADE: P2; RANGE: $22,351- 29,098; 10-17-97 Pathology

SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT STERILIZATION ATTENDANT (101642LW) Collect dirty glassware from different labs & return when clean; load, operate & unload dishwashing machine & drying ovens; use autoclave to sterilize clean glassware & biohazard waste; wash some glassware by hand.
QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma or equivalent; ability to interface with 7 different research groups; time management skills. GRADE: G5; RANGE: $12,875-15,811; 10-16-97 Biochemistry & Biophysics

SERVICES ASSISTANT II (40 HRS) (101640AM) Assure prompt & accurate referral of maintenance & housekeeping problems, emergency & non-emergency utility service interruptions, special event requirements & other facilities requests; perform handling (receipt, analysis, processing & expediting) of various types of service requests; communicate status of service to customer; produce signage; prepare spreadsheets & databases; perform standard office duties (typing, filing, data entry, etc.).
QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma; 4 years experience in clerical/administrative capacity; excellent customer service, telephone & coordination skills; superior verbal communication skills; able to work with minimum of supervision; skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, FileMaker Pro, Aldus PageMaker & Now-Up-To-Date preferred; type 45 WPM. GRADE: G10; RANGE: $22,013-27,427; 10-14-97 Architecture & Facilities Management


Contact: Sue Hess

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II (40 HRS) (101630SH) Provide administrative support for Distance Learning Program; coordinate transmission scheduling process, including requesting & collating information, cross-checking for accuracy, distributing schedules & reserving sites; communicate with applicants, students, faculty & staff to ensure continuity & high level of customer service; conduct demonstrations; prepare materials; respond to questions; manage video tape library & tape retention process; assist with day-to-day operations of program. QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma, business curriculum & related training; 2 years administrative/technical experience; initiative, excellent organizational & follow-through skills required; strong verbal & written communication skills; strong technical background with knowledge of data transfer protocols & procedures; ability to troubleshoot compatibility issues; ability to work with both Macintosh & PC, word processing, spreadsheets, databases & E-mail; articulate, flexible, adaptable, ability to accept constructive criticism & possess good sense of humor; end date 6/30/98. GRADE: G10; RANGE: $22,013-27,427; 10-16-97 Nursing Division II


Contact: Sue Hess

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II (37.5 HRS) (101658LW) Under limited supervision, exercise judgement, initiative & analysis in carrying out administrative & clerical duties in support of Regional Development Program; handle complex & highly confidential materials; take lead on projects assigned & in training others on policies & procedures pertinent to daily office operations; perform word processing; compose & edit correspondence using advanced software techniques; use gift system to access donor information; serve as FinMIS end-user; create financial reports; monitor budget; handle bill payments; schedule meetings & travel arrangements & reconcile travel expenses; take minutes at meetings; develop & maintain filing system. QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma with post-HS training in secretarial science or equivalent; 3 to 4 years progressively responsible secretarial experience; demonstrated ability to prioritize workflow & handle variety of assignments in timely fashion; effectively respond to numerous requests on behalf of supervisors; proficiency in WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3 & dictaphone equipment; excellent customer service skills. GRADE: G10; RANGE: $20,637-25,713; 10-17-97 Development & Alumni Relations

DEVELOPMENT OFFICER II (101652LW) Responsible for overall conceptualization, planning & execution of coordinated program of private source fundraising & alumni relations for School of Veterinary Medicine; coordinate fundraising efforts to integrate veterinary initiatives with University's overall fund-raising program, plan & administer capital campaign; solicit gifts & establish effective procedures for sustaining donor interest; analyze potential funding sources; coordinate communications/publications activities, supervise staff.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS required, major in sciences or related field preferred; 7 years progressively responsible fund raising experience with emphasis on major gifts ($25,000+), preferably at major research university; demonstrated ability inighly motivated with capacity to work in goal-driven environment; strong verbal & written communication skills; valid driver's license required. GRADE: P10; RANGE: $48,822-64,066; 10-16-97 Development & Alumni Relations

DIRECTOR V (101657LW) Report to Executive Director of Development; assist in implementing overall fundraising program to achieve 5 year goal of $350 million for Wharton School; develop & implement post-campaign plan; conceptualize, plan & execute strategies with individual major gift prospects; solicit assigned prospects; collaborate with central development on fundraising activities; engage Dean & Associate Dean in development initiatives; identify methods for communicating goals of School for individual prospects; work closely with Wharton development areas to motivate School's volunteers & faculty for maximum results.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS; 5 to 7 years successful fundraising experience in a business environment, including direct solicitation experience; demonstrated ability to analyze funding sources & relate their potential to School priorities; thorough understanding of university environment & academic mission; ability to function with high degree of independence with assigned prospects, yet interact within centralized framework for fundraising, participating & contributing to total team effort; valid driver's license & travel required. GRADE: P8; RANGE: $39,655-52,015; 10-17-97 Development & Alumni Relations

RECORDS ASSISTANT II (101649SH) (101648SH) Assist in processing records & carry out shelving, retrieval & campus-wide delivery of records; assist in training of student assistants & temporary staff, assign & monitor their work.
QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma or equivalent; 2 years higher education preferred; 1 to 3 years experience in records management field; ability to operate Records Center storage equipment & standard office equipment; demonstrated ability to perform strenuous physical labor; valid PA driver's 1icense required; GRADE: G9; RANGE: 17,614-21,991 ; 10-15-97 University Archives

STAFF RESEARCHER I (06922SH) Conduct research & analysis & compile detailed research profiles & reports for staff in Center using departmental & external information sources; prepare analyses that assess giving ability of potential donors; interpret information & assist individuals in using department's library; oversee projects & serve on committees at Director's request.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS in related field or equivalent work experience in research & writing required; knowledge of fundraising principles & experience in using computer databases desirable; strong verbal & written communication skills; good analytical & interpersonal skills. GRADE: P2; RANGE: $22,351-29,098; 10-15-97 Research & Analysis, Development & Alumni Relations


Contact: Ronald Story

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I (101637RS) Maintain regulatory files & database systems; arrange & schedule lab audit; produce room signs & lab caution labels; maintain hard copy files; track & maintain files for Infectious Waste Manifest Program; compose standard correspondence; make slides; answer telephones & take messages; perform other general office duties as assigned. QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma; 2 to 4 years office/Macintosh computer experience; familiarity with office machines, slide maker, fax machine & scanner; must have excellent interpersonal & communication skills; application deadline 10/24/97. GRADE: G9; RANGE: $17,614-21,991; 10-16-97 EHRS

FISCAL COORDINATOR I (101638RS) Under general direction of Business Manager, assist in budget preparation; perform accounting/bookkeeping duties; process all purchase orders, "C" forms, travel expense reports, journal entries & cash deposits; supply financial data for compilation of financial statements on monthly basis; monitor University accounting reports on monthly basis & report irregularities to Business Manager; maintain internal accounting systems (Peachtree); reconcile general ledger to University's accounting statements monthly; reconcile accounts receivable & cash receipts; process weekly payroll & maintain salary & time off records; maintain contract/royalty files & process payments to Press authors for over 800 titles; process costs for all Press titles & maintain inventory records.
QUALIFICATIONS: AA/AS or BA/BS in Accounting preferred, or equivalent experience; experience in University accounting environment & FinMIS a plus; strong computer skills in PC environment, Windows 95, Microsoft Excel & Word required; working knowledge of Peachtree Accounting software desirable. GRADE: P1; RANGE: $20,291- 26,368; 10-16-97 University Press

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST I (101620RS) Provide microcomputing & networking support in administrative computing VPUL; troubleshoot, maintain, upgade and install Macintosh and Windows Workstations, related software & networking hardware & software; assist with planning & analysis for University Life computing; administer tracking systems; train & assist Division staff in use of hardware & software & new technologies; work on projects in areas of technical testing, implementation & evaluation associated with these systems; prepare technical documentation, planning reports & user guides; track computing resources for University Life & maintain & develop enhancements for tracking systems; serve on internal & interdepartmental teams; keep abreast of current technology; serve as primary backup to Manager of ULCS in capacity as Network Manager.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS or equivalent desirable; 2 to 4 years computer support experience needed; project management experience helpful; experience with databases needed; experience with standard PC software including word processing, spreadsheet, database, communications & utilities essential; extensive knowledge of Macintosh & DOS/Windows systems; networking (PIX, AppleTalk & TCP/IP protocols) & Internet services (WWW & E-mail systems); some knowledge of Novell NetWare, Windows NT, or UNIX operating systems desirable; excellent communications & organizational skills required; ability to lift & carry at least 25 lbs., to transport equipment on carts or dollies across campus & to use tools requiring high dexterity; must have demonstrated & administrative skills; ability to work independently & as part of team; ability to work well under conditions of stress necessary. GRADE: P4; RANGE: $26,986-35,123; 10-16-97 Student Information & Systems

PROGRAMMER ANALYST I (101619RS) Responsible for writing & maintenance of AdHoc programs, to include the maintenance of inventory of available report programs & identification of their program execution parameters; serve as back-up to Lead Programmer/Analyst for applications development & software maintenance of Pennsylvania Automated Registration Information System (PARIS); assist VPUL Technical Fohomepages; develop programs to support management information requests & student statistical summary reporting.
QUALIFICATIONS: BA/BS desired with at least 2 years of work experience in programming; experience in development & maintenance of personal computer based application systems using relational database management systems such as Oracle & Business Objects desired; must have ability to program in fourth-generation language; knowledge of mainframe computing environment including MVS JCL, TSO, ADABAS, NATURAL & SAS; familiarity with C/UNIX environment; strong verbal & written communication skills; good technical problem-solving skills; ability to work well under stress. GRADE: P4; RANGE: $26,986- 35,123; 10-16-97 Student Information & Systems


Contact: Ronald Story

ANESTHESIA VET TECH II/III (40 HRS) (101646RS) Provide competent clinical anesthesia for large animal patients in routine, emergency & clinical teaching situations; perform clinical anesthesia; administer pre-anesthetic & post-anesthetic drugs under direct supervision; provide on-call emergency anesthesia duties; maintain anesthesia equipment, monitors, drugs & related supplies; monitor patient's condition, direct & assist in moving patients to & from recovery room; maintain records & inventory control; assist in teaching Veterinary & Tech students. QUALIFICATIONS: Veterinary Tech Certification required; VT I: Minimum 2 to 3 years experience; VT II: minimum 4 years experience; physical ability to move about freely & lift considerable weight; experience with large animals, especially horses necessary; personal computer experience desirable; strong verbal & written communication skills; POSITION LOCATED IN KENNETT SQUARE - NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE. GRADE: G12/G13; RANGE: $26,133-33,725/$28,723-32,022; 10-16- 97 Large Animal Hospital

HOUSEKEEPER (40 HRS) (101647RS) Report to Allam House Manager; clean areas, including stocking supplies & trash removal; train new employees; supply linen; gather laundry for pick-up & launder items; report maintenance problems; order supplies.
QUALIFICATIONS: HS diploma or equivalent preferred; experience in complete range of housekeeping duties; ability to communicate effectively with diverse group; knowledge of bedmaking, laundry & cleaning methods; able to move about freely & perform strenuous work (lift up to 50 lbs.); may work weekends for arriving/departing guests & clean-up after weekend events; must be available to work flexible schedule; POSITION LOCATED IN KENNETT SQUARE - NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE. GRADE: G5; RANGE: $12,875-15,811; 10-16-97 New Bolton Center


Contact: Anna Marcotte

PLACEMENT COUNSELOR/ASSISTANT DIRECTOR IV (101655AM) Placement Counselor: Provide career counseling to MBA students; conduct mock interview sessions & programs; design & manage programs that facilitate counseling opportunities; design, deliver & manage career workshops & panels; serve as primary contact for recruitment; assist on projects as assigned; manage staff & students assistants; Assistant Director: Provide career counseling services; plan & implement career-related programming; teach Career Management Seminar; coordinate collection, analysis & reporting of data; develop & maintain relationships with employers. QUALIFICATIONS: Placement Counselor: BA/BS required; MA/MS in Business or Career Counseling preferred; experience in career development process; strong verbal & written communication skills; knowledge of word processing & database management; Assistant Director: MA/MS in Management or Counseling; 3 to 5 years experience in career development services; knowledge of business careers; strong verbal & written communication skills; familiar with PC-based systems; polished teaching & platform skills. GRADE: P4/P5; RANGE: $26,986-35,123/$29,664-38,677; 10-15-97 CD & P

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