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27 Studying Tradition in the 19th-21st Centuries: Transatlantic Perspectives; 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Max Kade Center, 3905 Spruce. Notify Meeting Coordinator Lars Jenner at if planning to attend (SAS, Folklore & Folklife, Germanic Languages and Literatures, American Swedish Historical Museum).

28 Interpretation and Power: Folklore, Ancient Jewish Literature, and the Contemporary Israeli Scene; Galit Hasan-Rokem, Hebrew University; 5 p.m.; Bowl Room, Houston Hall. (Jewish Studies, Folklore and Folklife).

The Search for Self-Esteem in Japan: The Cultural Construction of Self-Improvement; Steven Heine, psychology; 4:30 p.m.; Woody Conference Room, Van Pelt (East Asian Studies).

29 Constituting Complexity: Order and Turbulence in World Politics; Mary Durfee, Michigan Technological University; noon; Anspach Lounge, Stiteler Hall, (PENNCIP).

31 TBA; Arto Anttila, Boston University; noon-2 p.m.; Suite 400A, 3401 Walnut St. (SAS, IRCS).


22 Workshop on Journalism; Gilbert Sandler, Penn alum and columnist for The Baltimore Sun; 3:30-5 p.m.; Room 218, Williams Hall; call 573-9748 or e-mail to R.S.V.P. (Writers House). See also TALKS.

28 Workshop on Publishing; Gerald Howard, editor, Trade Books for W.W. Norton Co.; 3:30-5 p.m.; Room 218, Williams Hall; call 573-9748 or e-mail to R.S.V.P. (Writers House). See also TALKS.


22 Carnivale!; help plan a special event for February called "Carnivale" at the Christian Association. Everyone's ideas are welcome; 7:30 p.m.; 3601 Locust Walk; (CA).

30 Cinq à Sept; meeting of Penn's franco-phones and francophiles; 5-7 p.m.; Smith Penniman Room, Houston Hall (French Institute).


29 Speakeasy: Poetry, Prose and Anything Goes; open mic performance night; 8:30 p.m.; 3805 Locust Walk; (Writers House).


22 Transforming Property: Customary Land Rights in the Dominican Sugar Zone; Julie Franks, SAS; noon- 1 p.m.; Bishop White Room, Houston Hall (SAS, Latin American Cultures).

Gilbert Sandler on Journalism; (see also FITNESS/LEARNING) 7 p.m.; Room 323, Bennett Hall; call 573-9748 or e-mail to R.S.V.P. (Writers House)

23 How to Maintain Entreprenuerial Values While Your Company Climbs into the Fortune 500; Brian L. Roberts, president, Comcast; 4:30 p.m.; Room 240-B, Law School (Inst. for Law and Economics).

24 Should NATO Expand?; debate between Richard Perle, assistant secretary of defense for international security policy, Reagan Administration, and Alvin Rubinstein, professor of political science; 1 p.m.; Room 110, Annenberg School. (PENNCIP).

Modeling Priming and Subliminal Perception: A Stability Theory of Awareness; Mike Mozer, University of Colorado, Boulder; noon-2 p.m.; suite 400A, 3401 Walnut St. (SAS, IRCS).

La Couleur de L'Historien: Une Histoire des Couleurs est-elle possible?; Michel Pastoureau; medievalist; 4:15 p.m.; Cherpack Lounge, Williams Hall; (French Institute).

27 Après le Tournant de 1989, un Nouveau Rôle Pour L'Intellectuel?; Olivier Mongin; ed.-in-chief, Esprit; 4 p.m.; Cherpack Lounge, Williams Hall; (French Institute).

David Ferry; poet and translator; 5 p.m.; 3805 Locust Walk (Writers House; Creative Writing Department).

National College Roundtable on Women's Health; discussion of women's health issues facilitated by peer educators; video presentation of Get Real: Straight Talk About Women's Health; 7-9 p.m.; Penn Tower Hotel Ballroom; (US Public Health Service on Women's Health; Penn's Panhellenic Council; Student Health Education Services; Greenfield Intercultural Center; Womens Center).

28 Gerald Howard on Publishing; (see also FITNESS/LEARNING) 7 p.m.; 3805 Locust Walk; call 573-9748 or e-mail to R.S.V.P. (Writers House)

30 De L'Intellectuel "Critique" à L'Intellectuel "Réconcilé" (La Fin de L'ère du Soupçon); Françoise Gaillard; 4 p.m.; Cherpack Lounge, Williams Hall; (French Institute).

Poetry Reading: Laura Moriarty; 5 p.m.; 3805 Locust Walk; (Writers House).

31 Poetry Reading: David Bromige; followed by roundtable discussion with Bromige and Laura Moriarty; 4 p.m.; 3805 Locust Walk; (Writers House).



The deadline for the December at Penn calendar is November 11. The deadline for the weekly update is Monday, the week prior to publication. For guidelines on submitting calendar items, see, or request a hard copy by phone (898-5274) or fax (898-9137).

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