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The University Of Pennsylvania Police Department

Community Crime Report

This summary is prepared by the Division of Public Safety and includes all criminal incidents reported and made known to the University Police Department between the dates of September 15, 1997 through September 21 1997. The University Police actively patrols from Market Street to Baltimore Avenue and from the Schuylkill River to 43rd Street in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police. In this effort to provide you with a thorough and accurate report on public safety concerns, we hope that your increased awareness will lessen the opportunity for crime. For any concerns or suggestions regarding this report, please call the Division of Public Safety at 898-4482.

Crimes Against Persons
34th to 38th/Market to Civic Center: Simple Assaults­1; Threats & Harassment­1
9/17/974:39 PMVance HallThreats received via phone and e-mail
9/19/971:46 AMNichols HouseComplainant struck by guest
38th to 41st/Market to Baltimore: Robberies (& Attempts)­1; Aggravated Assaults­2; Threats & Harassment­3
9/15/9711:22 AMWayne HallHarassing mail received
9/15/979:22 PM Harrison HouseUnwanted calls received
9/17/9710:54 PM3800 Blk. SansomBookbag and contents taken during robbery/no injuries
9/18/9711:26 AMEisenlohr AnnexUnwanted calls received
9/20/971:33 AM4000 Blk. SpruceComplainant assaulted by suspect taking property
9/21/9712:02 AM 4000 Blk. WalnutOfficer assaulted by suspect/Arrest
41st to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Robberies (& Attempts)­2
9/15/97 12:36 PM4200 WoodlandComplainant reported being robbed by 2 males/2 arrest
9/18/973:51 PM200 Blk. 42nd Complainant reports unknown male attempted to rob same
30th to 34th/Market to University: Robberies (& Attempts)­1
9/19/9711:00 PM 30th & MarketComplainant robbed by suspect who fled in vehicle
Outside 30th to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Robberies (& Attempts)­3; Simple Assaults­1; Threats & Harassment­1
9/15/97 11:09 AMWood Bldg. GarageComplainant reports being chased by unknown person
9/16/971:43 AM24th & South 2 complainant's report being struck in face by unknown
9/18/972:11 PM2300 ChestnutWallet taken by unknown suspect
9/19/9711:00 PMWalnut St. BridgeComplainant robbed by unknown suspects who fled in auto
9/20/979:38 PM45th & PineComplainant robbed of purse by suspect with knife
Crimes Against Property

34th to 38th/Market to Civic Center: Burglaries (& Attempts)­1; Total Thefts (& Attempts)­22;

Thefts from Autos­4; Thefts of Bicycles & Parts­9; Criminal Mischief & Vandalism­1; Trespassing & Loitering­2

9/15/974:24 AM3600 Blk. ChestnutProperty taken from auto
9/15/975:24 PMHamilton WalkBike seat taken from secured bike
9/15/976:22 PMWilliams HallSecured bicycle taken from rack
9/15/976:47 PMMeyerson HallCell phone taken
9/16/973:19 PM Vance HallElectronic organizer taken
9/16/974:29 PM3600 Blk. LudlowBriefcase taken from auto
9/16/975:47 PMSteinberg Hall/Detrich HallBike taken
9/17/9711:41 AMStouffer TriangleFax machine and cameras taken
9/17/971:31 PM Williams HallWallet taken
9/17/974:26 PMSteinberg Hall/Detrich HallSecured bicycle taken from rack
9/18/9712:07 AM3744 SpruceDetergent taken/manager declined to prosecute
9/18/977:07 AMIrvine AuditoriumMale inside contstruction cite without authorization/Arrest
9/18/979:27 AM Houston Hall2 backpacks taken
9/18/9710:41 AMGrad School of EdBackpack taken
9/18/972:03 PMVan Pelt LibrarySecured bike taken
9/18/975:11 PMFurness Bldg.Secured bike taken
9/18/977:55 PM Johnson PavilionMale in building without authorization/Arrest
9/19/9710:32 AM200 Blk. 38thProperty taken from auto
9/19/973:36 PMWilliams HallSecured bicycle taken from rack
9/19/975:06 PMVance HallSecured bicycle taken from rack
9/19/975:49 PM Williams PlazaSecured bicycle taken from rack
9/20/9710:56 AM3744 SpruceFood taken without payment/male fled area
9/21/973:22 AM3744 SpruceFood taken without payment/manager declined prosecution
9/21/971:08 PM3400 Blk. ChestnutWindow broken to auto
9/21/976:21 PM Newman CenterRegistration sticker taken from auto
9/21/979:18 PMDelta PsiRadio taken from residence/suspect stopped
38th to 41st/Market to Baltimore: Burglaries (& Attempts)­2; Total Thefts (& Attempts)­14; Thefts from Autos­2; Thefts of Bicycles & Parts­4; Criminal Mischief & Vandalism­2
9/16/977:59 AM3939 Chestnut Bike taken
9/16/9710:03 AMHarrison House2 packages delivered/taken from desk
9/16/9710:33 AMHarrison HousePackage delivered and taken from front desk
9/17/973:51 PM220 S. 40thShoes taken without payment/recovered/Arrest
9/17/975:00 PM Veterinary HospitalSecured bicycle taken from rack
9/17/975:26 PMHarrison HouseSecured bicycle taken from rack
9/17/9711:58 PMAcaciaUnattended VCR taken
9/18/9712:37 PMEvans Bldg.Wallet taken from knapsack
9/18/976:45 PM 4035 PineUnattended knapsack taken
9/18/9710:25 PMVan Pelt HouseProperty taken from residence
9/19/9712:33 AM4035 ChestnutCell phone taken form apartment
9/19/974:57 AM3800 Blk. WalnutProperty taken from auto
9/19/9711:12 AM 3900 Blk. SpruceWindow to auto broken
9/19/971:21 PM4033 SpruceProperty taken from unsecured room
9/19/973:49 PM39th & WalnutProperty taken from auto
9/19/9711:52 PM213 S. 41Unsecured bike taken
9/20/973:00 PM SuperblockWallet taken from unsecured vehicle
9/20/973:00 PM4019 IrvingWindow to auto broken
41st to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Total Thefts (& Attempts)­1
9/16/973:53 AM4201 Walnut Unknown suspect took property without payment
30th to 34th/Market to University: Total Thefts (& Attempts)­13; Thefts of Auto (& Attempts)­1, Thefts from Autos­3; Thefts of Bicycles & Parts­3; Trespassing & Loitering­2
9/15/9711:09 AM Chemistry Bldg.Laser printer taken
9/15/975:30 PMTowne Bldg.Secured bicycle taken from rack
9/16/979:44 AMLot #52 juveniles arrested/in lot without authorization
9/16/9711:27 AMChemistry Bldg.Compauter taken
9/16/976:22 PM Morgan Bldg.Property taken from building
9/16/9710:59 PM3300 Blk. WalnutProperty taken from auto
9/17/979:51 PM3300 Blk. WalnutPenn card taken
9/18/976:25 PMLot #37Vehicle taken from lot
9/18/979:06 PM Franklin FieldProperty taken from auto
9/19/971:06 PMChemistry Bldg.Computer printer taken
9/19/973:19 PMRittenhouse LabSecured bicycle taken from rack
9/19/979:20 PMHill HouseProperty taken from unsecured locker
9/20/9711:03 AM Chemistry Bldg.Unauthorized person in building/Arrest
9/20/979:37 PM100 Blk. 33rdWindow to auto broken/property taken
9/21/979:31 PMTowne Bldg.Secured bike taken
Outside 30th to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Total Thefts (& Attempts)­2; Thefts from Autos­1; Criminal Mischief & Vandalism­1
9/17/9712:28 AM24th & ChestnutUnknown male in vehicle/ashtray taken
9/17/973:18 PM5001 LancasterDamage reported to leased property
9/20/9711:57 PM8th & Spring GardenPenn ID taken
Crimes Against Society
34th to 38th/Market to Civic Center: Disorderly Conduct­1
9/20/973:56 AM38th & ChestnutMale attempted to flee police/arrest
38th to 41st/Market to Baltimore: Disorderly Conduct­3
9/16/979:09 PM3900 Blk. Pine Male arrested for disorderly conduct
9/17/973:07 AMSigma Delta TauMale observed urinating in window
9/18/9710:26 PM100 Blk. 39thMale with unit property/created disturbance/Arrest

18th District Crimes Against Persons

14 Incidents and 2 Arrests were reported between Spetember 15, 1997, and September 21, 1997, by the 18th District, covering the Schuylkill River to 49th Street and Market Street to Woodland Avenue.

9/17/979:00 PM4654 HazelAggravated Assault
9/17/9710:54 PM3800 SansomRobbery
9/18/971:14 AM 4706 ChestnutAggravated Assault
9/18/973:30 PM4200 SpruceRobbery
9/19/971:20 AM4740 SpruceRobbery
9/19/971:45 AM804 49th Aggravated Assault
9/19/976:42 PM400 44thRobbery
9/19/97 10:35 PM3000 MarketRobbery
9/19/9711:22 PM3200 WalnutRobbery
9/19/9711:58 PM423 45thRobbery
9/20/971:40 AM 4000 SpruceAggravated Assault/Arrest
9/20/9711:00 AM100 Block 46thRape
9/20/979:45 PM4500 PineRobbery
9/21/9712:02 AM4000 Walnut Aggravated Assault/Arrest

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