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Council: Student Health, Perelman Quad Board

At Council Wedesday, Provost Stanley Chodorow announced plans to proceed with the formation of a Perelman Quad Space Allocation Board, based on the longstanding success of the Houston Hall Board. He distributed an allocation policy for the Quad, updated from the one published For Comment in Almanac January 23, 1996, to include the Greek umbrellas BIG-C, IFC and Panhellenic among the organ-izations to be represented on the Board.

The Provost also announced that he and EVP John Fry have developed for a new advisory committee on student health insurance, underscoring that those in all who volunteer or are nominated must have expertise in health care insurance.

The charge as delivered:

The Provost and Executive Vice President of the University will sponsor a Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee with cross-University representation and health insurance expertise. This Committee will be convened in September, 1997. It is the University's plan to lay out a 24-month student health insurance timeline. This will enable the Advisory Committee to inform the implementation and evaluation process in an on-going manner. The work of the Advisory Committee will include a thorough review of the current health care marketplace on insurance providers, indemnity, and point-of-service plans with contracted networks of insurance. The Committee will also specifically review the University's Student Health Insurance Plan and advise on the complex issues and concerns related to the administration of the Plan.

Additional Council coverage will be published next week.

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