Update on Panhandling

Last fall the Community Relations Office set up a pilot program to discourage panhandling on campus, incooperation with two campus Wawa Food Markets under the legend "Don't give change--Help Penn Make a Change."

The stores were paired with local agencies that help the homeless and needy, and they set up collection boxes and passed out leaflets to customers urging them to put their change in the boxes rather than give it directly on the street--both to raise funds for the service agencies, and to raise community awareness that street change is likely to support substance abuse or other problems that the agency can address if the destitute can be encouraged to go there.

Reporting "a significant decrease in panhandling activity around their stores," the Wawa Markets have renewed their participation and have been joined by three other merchants, according to Glenn Bryan, director of community relations. The roster of "Make a Change" partners now reads:

Wawa Food Market (36th & Chestnut) + Horizon House

Wawa Food Market (38th & Spruce) + University City Hospitality Center (UCHC)

LeBus Restaurant (3402 Sansom) + Horizon House

7-Eleven (38th & Chestnut) + Philadelphia Coalition Against Homelessness

My Favorite Muffin (220 S. 40th) + ACCESS West Philly.

A sixth partnership, between Thrift Drug (38th & Walnut) and the UCHC, is in the works. Other merchants who want to join the program can call the Office of Community Relations, 898-7279.


Volume 43 Number 36
June 17, 1997

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