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Ivy Day Awards

Nominations are now open for the leadership and service awards presented to outstanding seniors and underclassmen on Ivy Day. Forms are available online at; or may be picked up in 110 Houston Hall. All members of the University community can submit nominations. Deadline: February 14, 1997.

Website "21"

The 21st Century Project for the Undergraduate Experience now has a website, designed and produced by Peter Berk (GSE), Mandy Taylor (C '99), Alex Edelman (C '97), and S. Morgan Friedman (C '98). In addition to information on the 21st Century Project it has a form for comments and suggestions: (link no longer available).

Memorial Service for Coach Leary

A memorial service for Cissie Leary, coach of the women's tennis team for 20 years until her death on November 23, will be held at the Annenberg School Theater at 11 a.m. on Saturday, February 1.

In accordance with Coach Leary's wishes, the women's tennis team will continue with her plans to hold the annual All-Star Invitational on Sunday, February 2, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Levy Tennis Pavilion. For more information, call Jan Bernstein (201) 538-0800 or Peggy Sobul, 898-8899.

Revamping Voice Mail at Benefits

Human Resources has implemented a new version of its Benefits Voice Mail System, with fewer tiers in the information process and a rank-ordered menu that puts the most-requested options closer to the start of the menu.

Callers to 898-7281 will also find customized mailboxes and greetings from the HR staff members who provide the information (adopted so that callers can more easily associate names and voices with staff functions), plus an option to talk live with a receptionist during business hours.

"The new system, coupled with enhanced Human Resources staff training on its use, is part of an overall HR goal of providing the Penn community with the highest levels of service," said Bruce Fisher, manager of employee communications.


Volume 43 Number 18
January 21, 1997

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