January 21, 1997
Volume 43 No. 18


News in Brief: Ivy Day Nominations, Memorial Service for Cissy Leary, Revamped Benefits Voice Mail
Council Agenda for 1/22/97
Panhandling: A New Program
Death of Dr. Thimann
SENATE: Nominations Call
SEC Actions1/15/97
OF RECORD: Administrative Computing Security Policy; Software Copying Policy (reminder)
Speaking Out: Still More on INS/IRS
FOR COMMENT: Interim Report on Alcohol & Other Drugs

COMPASS Features
-- Inside Astrophysics at Penn
-- Cypriots and Greeks in Cyberspace
-- Dr. Naff and the Water Supply of the Middle East
-- A Nursing Research Tool that Means Business

OEHS: Laser Safety
Onstage, Duel and Dance
Retirement Info Sessions
Recreation Opportunities
Call for WEPIC Volunteers in Turner School Project
TALK ABOUT TEACHING: Notes Toward a Culture of Writing (Filreis)
Pullout: Agenda for Excellence -- Strategic Plans of the Schools

Feedback... see Compass story

Assessing the brain metabolism of low-birthweight babies is but one use of the Bioflow monitoring device (shown here in prototype) that Nursing's Dr. Barbara Medoff-Cooper has developed with Dr. Mitchell Litt of Bioengineering and Dr. Reuben Kron of Psychiatry. A Compass feature tells how the instrument works to help assess babies at risk and determine when they can go home. The device is expected to go on the market in two years.

The nurse seated at right is Jacqueline M. McGrath of the project staff at the School of Nursing. Standing is Nursing student Christine Kelly.

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