President Clinton: October 29

U.S. President Bill Clinton's Philadelphia stop in this week's campaign tour will be at the University's Hill Field, 11:30 a.m. today. Details of attendance will be supplied on [Almanac's home page,].

PPSA Cancelled: Because its scheduled speakers will be involved in the Clinton visit, the Penn Professional Staff Assembly has canceled the meeting on communications set for noon today.

Urban Agenda: November 13

Penn President Judith Rodin will host a reception to celebrate Universiy & Community Partnerships: The Urban Agenda at noon on Wednesday, November 13, in Bodek Lounge at Houston Hall. The event also marks the publication of the latest University of Pennsylvania Community Service Directory. To attend: RSVP by November 6 to the Office of Community Relations, 898-3401.

Last 'Phantom' for a While

This year's Halloween presentation of the silent "Phantom of the Opera" in Irvine Auditorium has been doubled to four showings because of heavy demand in anticipation of the tradition's being suspended when renovations start next June.

The Curtis Organ Restoration Society brings three organists to dramatize Lon Chaney's performance as the Phantom this October 31. Show times:

10 a.m. (special show for school children)
6 p.m. Dr. Adlai Waksman, organist
8 p.m. Lee Erwin, organist
10 p.m. Ramona Peterson, organist

Return of an International Grants

An internal research fund for international programs has been reactivated by Provost Stanley Chodorow with a new emphasis on cross-school initiatives along lines indicated in Penn's new Agenda for Excellence. The International Programs Fund stems from two challenge grants that Penn OIP received from the Hewlett Foundation. The fund's new guidelines are in this issue.

Death of a Protestor

Kathy Chang, a 46-year-old community member who danced and protested under the name of Kathy Change, died near noon on Tuesday, October 22, after immolating herself before the Peace Sign outside Van Pelt Library.

The tall, athletic dancer had appeared periodically on campus and elsewhere in the city over the past 15 years, weaving rhythmic patterns with flags as she danced to tape-recorded music and then gave impassioned speeches on behalf of peace, human rights and the environment.

Philadelphia Police said there were indications that she had been planning her death for as much as a year, and that she had spoken of anger and despondency that her messages were unheeded. She also was said to have urged in messages left behind that the transformation of society be.

She reportedly had an apartment near 38th and Lancaster and at times lived with a male friend nearby in Powelton Village.

Correction: In the October 15 issue's Compass New Faculty Profiles, Dr. Shreeram Aradhye at the Medical School was cited as working on cardiac issues in lupus. He no longer works in that area, and his primary clinical research interests now include immunosuppressive drugs and optimization of outcomes in transplant patients.


Volume 43 Number 10
October 29, 1996

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