International Programs Fund Applications by January 15

Statement of Purpose

The University of Pennsylvania's endowment fund for international programs provides support for area and international studies within the context of Penn's Agenda for Excellence. The fund will be used as seed money to initiate projects or experimental programs on a short-term basis, not to maintain ongoing programs. The International Programs Fund will primarily support faculty activities. Awards will normally be in the range of $10,000-$15,000.

Criteria for Review of Applications

Several general criteria are considered in evaluating applications, including: the quality and importance of the proposed research project (or the project's potential for developing a substantive research agenda); relevance to one of the six University academic priorities of Penn's Agenda for Excellence (preference will be given to multi-school initiatives); recognition as a priority of the applicants' home schools (preference will be given to projects receiving matching funds from the deans); the appropriateness of the budget requested in terms of the project proposed; potential for further external funding (normally awards will be contingent on the pursuit of additional matching funds).

The following are not eligible for support from the fund: standard faculty salaries, program support, student tuition, physical plant and equipment.

The Application Process

Applications for 1997 awards are due on or before January 15, 1997. Submit an original and three copies to Dr. Joyce M. Randolph, Director, Office of International Programs, 133 Bennett Hall/6275. Awards will be made on a competitive basis by the provost, with the advice of a faculty committee.

Proposals should take the form of mini-grant applications three to four pages in length (up to seven pages with attachments). Each proposal should include: name(s) of principal investigator(s) or project leader(s), department, school, campus address (with building code), campus telephone number, e-mail address; title of proposal; amount requested; brief description of project; objectives, significance in strengthening the University's international dimension; design, procedures, implementation, time frame; amount and source(s) of current funding; other pending proposals for the same project; prospects for future funding; budget, listing items in order of priority; participating faculty, including those at institutions in other countries, with mention of their relevant experience; a one-page biographical sketch of the investigator listing educational background, academic positions held, and five recent publications; letters of support from the investigator's department chair and dean (these are mandatory).

Please refer to the Research Foundation Guidelines for projects involving the use of any of the following: human subjects or animals, hazardous or biohazardous materials, radiation.

Investigators will be required to submit a report on actual use of the IPF grant money, research results, and contribution of the funded project to the University's international dimension.

For further information, please contact me at 133 Bennett Hall / 6275, telephone 898-4665, or e-mail:

-- Joyce M. Randolph, Director, Office of International Programs


Volume 43 Number 10
October 29, 1996

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