News in Brief

An Outdoor Safety Series

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week, the Undergraduate Assembly and other student organizations will hold safety-oriented events on Locust Walk. All are open to the University community.

Student groups have designed banners (one reads "Take Back Penn") to hang over the Walk during the week. Tables will be staffed by student volunteers daily starting at 10 a.m., and a safety forum is scheduled for 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

One table will have safety informationon Penn transit, the locations of bluelight phones and indoor MAC machines--and giveaways such as whistles and magnets.

At another, there will be a petition to Mayor Rendell asking for more attention to lighting, trash, and other problems in the area around campus. The mayor will be invited to accept the petition on campus on Thursday.

At the table with the Mayor's petition, Spruce Hill Community Association will offer students an opportunity to sign up with the Association, which works on quality-of-life issues west of campus. The UA is also working with the Spruce Hill Community Association to coordinate monthly safety forums at a coffee house on campus, to be announced.

For Wednesday afternoon's safety forum on College Green, speakers include the Vice Provost for University Life, Dr. Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum; Tom Seamon, Managing Director of Public Safety; Maureen Rush, Director of Police Operations; Michele Goldfarb, Director of the Student Dispute Resolution Center; and Bob Furniss, Director of Transportation and Parking (where PennBus, the Loop bus and Escort services are lodged).

Senate: Reviewing Safety Steps

In a letter to all Faculty Senate members, published this issue, the three Senate chairs (current, past and elect) review safety measures the President and Provost have discussed with them, and add some suggestions on student action, outreach and institutional activity.

Council: Safety on the Agenda

At the October 9 meeting of the University Council, there is now a 15-minute presentation on safety, to be followed by 30 minutes' discussion. The University community can participate but non-members of Council are asked to sign up to attend (please see this issue).

Fall Break, Safety Break

Fall Break begins at the close of classes Friday, October 11, and runs through Tuesday, October 15. Classes resume Wednesday, October 16.

For those who live locally and plan to be away during Fall Break, Penn Public Safety again offers its Safety Checks. See this issue.

Note: For a story on officers recently added to the Penn Police strength, and an update on Safer Streets, see also Compass features

Penn Printout: The Digest

Penn Printout, ISC's prize-winning bi-monthly journal for computer users, is now going to an on-line-only format, but will publish a one-page print digest periodically in Almanac. The digest is expected monthly, and the plan is to locate it on the page opposite Update and CrimeStats--starting with this week's digest.


Volume 43 Number 7
October 8, 1996

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