Agenda of the University Council

Wednesday, October 9, 1996
4-6 p.m., McClelland Hall, The Quadrangle

I. Approval of the minutes of September 25, 1996

II. Reports
A. President
B. Provost
C. Chair of the Steering Committee
D. Chair of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
E. Chair of the Undergraduate Assembly
F. Chair of the Penn Professional Staff Assembly
G. Chair of the A-3 Assembly

Time limit for reports and clarifications: 20 minutes.

III. Update and discussion on campus safety.
Time limit: Presentation 15 minutes, discussion 30 minutes.
Note: The University community is invited to participate in this discussion. Non-members of Council please sign up to attend the meeting by contacting the Office of the Secretary by telephone at 898-7005 or by email at jpwells@pobox.

IV. 21st Century Project update.
Time limit: Presentation 15 min., discussion 15 min.

V. University Council Committee on Research1995-96 year-end report.
Time limit: 5 minutes.

VI. Discussion on Draft University Council Committee Charges 1996-97.
Time limit: Presentation 10 minutes, discussion 10 minutes.

VII. Discussion on Draft Outline of 1996-97 University Council agenda.
Time limit: 10 minutes.

VIII. Adjournment by 6 p.m.


Volume 43 Number 7
October 8, 1996

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