PENNcard: Going Digital

In order to improve PENNcard (the University Identification Card) and enhance its use, the PENNcard Center has begun to issue new PENNcards with a digital photo. Among other enhanced features, digital photos have application within electronic security systems, providing additional safeguards to campus buildings as new types of ID card readers come on line.

The new cards with the digital photos made their debut this fall at CUPID August 26-September 3. The first students to receive the new cards were Wharton Undergraduate students enrolled in Management 100.

Starting September 4, the PENNcard Center will issue the new digital PENNcards to faculty, staff, students, and associates at the PENNcard Center (220 S. 40th Street). Alumni, Guests and Recreation users will continue to receive the current version of their cards until new designs are approved.

Please note that new PENNcards are not required except for new students, employees, and associates, and for replacement of lost, stolen, expired, or damaged cards. Recarding will occur gradually. A general recarding of current PENNcard holders will not take place at once. Both versions of the PENNcard (digital and current) will function in the existing University access systems.

Restricted use of the digital photographs for legitimate educational or institutional purposes will be maintained at all times. Such use will be governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, in the case of students, and by the Human Resources Policy on Records-Confidentiality 201, in the case of employees. Photographs are not considered directory information.

Those with questions or concerns may contact PENNcard Director Frank F. Neithammer at 898-9810 or


Volume 43 Number 2
September 3, 1996

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