September 3, 1996
Volume 43 Number 2

Home on the Web

Over the summer a host of new electronic resources have been placed on line via the Penn Web. To note a handful of central ones:

The President and the Provost are mounting home pages that act as windows on the work of their offices, with links to many sites involved in the formation of plans and academic initiatives for the 21st Century.

The web site just opened by the University Archives is not only a repository of history in words and images, but a working tool for answering questions about Penn today.

Also shown: Among the most ambitious of the nation's growing number of scanning initiatives is the Library's new Center for Electronic Text and Image, based on unique materials gathered over the past 200 years by the University Librarians. And, not shown but newly online is the Faculty Senate's home page, found at

At presstime, URLs had not been finalized for the home pages of the President's and Provost's offices shown here. Navigators can expect to find them by September 3 via Penn's home page:

Credits for Page Construction:
Penn Library's CETI: Dr. Joseph Ryan
President's Office: Holly Loth, C'97
Provost's Office: Alex Edelman, C'97
University Archives: Steven Morgan Friedman


Deaths of Dr. Digby Baltzell, Fr. Hermann Behrens, and Dr. Ernest Dale

Welcome Back: Dr. Rodin on The Changing University

The Summer of 1996; Naming a New Chaplain; Offerings of the Academic Resource Center; PENNcard: Going Digital

SENATE: Chair's Overview of the 1996-97 Agenda; SEC Agenda for September 4; Reports of SCAFR and the Committee on the Faculty

COST CONTAINMENT: Report of the Faculty Members on the University-Wide Cost Containment Committee

Compass Features

OSHA Bulletins

CrimeStats, Job Opportunites Information, Book Store Clearance Sale, Faculty/Staff Families: Admissions Seminars, Penn VIPS School Supplies Drive

Centerspread: September at Penn

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Philadelphia PA 19104-6106

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