May 14, 1996
Volume 42 Number 32

In this Issue
Communications Director: Ken Wildes of Northwestern; JIO: Michele Goldfarb of the Law School; Retirement Program: Review for Compliance by 1997
PPSA: Officers, Notes from May 27 Presentations on Reengineering, FinMIS, Construction, Human Resources Studies, and Public Safety plans; Research Facilities Fund Awards to Schools; New Federal Overhead Rates through 1999
Honors: Teaching Awards in GSE, Law and SEAS Honorary Degrees to Dr. Hirschhorn, Dr. Sjoberg Naming the Solomon Labs, and Other Honors
Home Page for Teaching; Class of '39 Grad Fellows; Penn VIPS: Salute to 13; Town Watch Training
Compass Features

Penn's 240th Commencement: the School Ceremonies
OF RECORD: Guidelines on Cooperate Exchange of Certain University Information
OF RECORD: Reduced Hours and Compensation; Limited Access to Archives; 'Stand for Children' Bus to DC; Managing Mortality: A Dance Symposium About Living
Update; CrimeStats; Move-Out Drive; Back Issues?; A-3 Career Conference: May 14 & 16; FBI Alert on Terrorism
Benchmarks: Notes from a Forum on Federal Funding of Research (Carl Maugeri)
PULLOUT -- For Comment: The Report of the Research Administration Reengineering Team

Setting the Ivy Stone

The 1996 Ivy Day Stone will be unveiled on Saturday, May 18 at approximately 5:30 p.m. after the presentation of awards and the Ivy Day speech by Comcast president Brian Roberts, W '81. The senior class has chosen Houston Hall as the site of the stone, in honor of the building's centennial (Almanac January 9/16, 1996). This stone--the 15th to be placed at Houston Hall--will be situated to the right of the main doors on the Plaza side of the building. The design is by Denis Chagnon, C '96, who began as an engineering student and will graduate as a major in the design of the environment. The Ivy Stone tradition began in 1873, soon after College Hall was built as the anchor of the "new" campus in West Philadelphia. Houston Hall got its first Ivy Stone in 1895 and its fourteenth in 1967.

For more information about the Ivy Day Stones see the Web,

For more on graduation activities, see the Commencement schedule.

Illustration from Denis Chagnon's working sketch for the stonecutters.

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