SENATE Reports from the Annual Meeting April 17, 1996

Synopsis of the Annual Meeting

Following the opening messages (from the Chair, President, and Provost) the Faculty Senate's Annual Meeting Wednesday, April 17, consisted of reports by Senate standing committees. (One agenda item from three faculty was withdrawn by those who had advanced it, Dr. Kissick announced--item #9 in the published agenda (Almanac April 9),

First was the Report of the Committee on Administration headed by Dr. David Brownlee. Then:

For the Committee on the Faculty, Dr. Sheila Murnghan outlined the Committee's proposals (Almanac March 19) for changes in the faculty maternity leave policy, its views on the position of lecturer in foreign languages, and its plans to look at some issues in continuity in the Faculty Grievance Commission. In response to a query following this report, Dr. Rodin said she would look into annual presentation of data on hiring.

Dr. James Laing as chair of the Committee on Students and Educational Policy summarized the Committee's recent report, "Making Penn the Undergraduate University of Choice for the 21st Century" (Almanac April 16).

The Report of the Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty, published in Almanac February 6, was updated by its chair, Dr. Robert Hornik, indicating his understanding of the administration's response to each of the policy recommendations made.

Dr. Susan Watkins gave the Report of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility, noting that the Senate committee has "a couple of cases" in review and is considering the development of guidelines for School CAFRs.

At meeting's end, Chair-elect Peter Kuriloff's tribute to Dr. Kissick also carried a brief summary of the year's achievements.--K.C.G.


Volume 42 Number 29
April 23, 1996

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