SENATE Reports from the Annual Meeting April 17, 1996

Report of the Commitee on Administration

Five matters were assigned to the committee this year by the Senate chair, and we have completed work on four of them. Consideration of the fifth matter continues.

Reappointment of Deans

The committee reviewed current procedures for the reappointment of deans, and we recommended revisions to the handbook. Our recommendations would shorten the customary maximum time of service for deans (while allowing individual schools to retain unusually successful deans for longer periods) and would strengthen the reviews that must accompany reappointment. Our proposal, dated 20 March 1996, is now being reviewed by SEC.

Administrative Restructuring

We were assigned the task of monitoring the administrative restructuring now being undertaken by the Executive Vice President. We met with Mr. Fry on several occasions, and we worked out with him a variety of mechanisms whereby faculty will be involved at all levels in shaping this project.

Evaluation of Teaching

We were asked to recommend general procedures for the evaluation of teaching as part of faculty promotion and tenure review. Our report, dated 13 April 1996, has been forwarded to SEC. Our recommendations would strengthen the role and responsibility of faculty in the review of teaching, provide a greater variety of data on which to base such reviews, and emphasize learning rather than popularity.

Guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Assistants

The committee reviewed a draft set of guidelines for postdoctoral fellows and research assitants. These were forwarded to SEC, where a number of suggestions were made. Revised guidelines have been put in place.

Post-tenure Review of faculty

Post-tenure review of faculty was also placed before us for consideration. To date, we have surveyed the schools to determine existing policies, and we will continue to discuss this complex matter until the end of our appointments.

Leonard Bello (microbiology/veterinary)
David Brownlee (history of art), chair
William Kissick (medicine), ex officio
Peter J. Kuriloff (education), ex officio
Stephen Putman (city and regional planning)
Cynthia Scalzi (nursing)
Henry Teune (political science)
Jerry Wind (marketing)


Volume 42 Number 29
April 23, 1996

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