Council: Perelman, ROTC, Grad Education

The University Council's January meeting was a discussion-only session, primarily on three topics led by Provost Stanley Chodorow.

Perelman Quad: In his opening remarks Dr. Chodorow gave an update on plans for Perelman Quad, projecting a "wallbreaking" by March to begin work on the Logan Hall building's infrastructure. With VPUL Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum he also invited comment on new space allocation proposals (see For Comment policy). He also saluted the 100th Anniversary of Houston Hall in connection with the Quad project, calling the nation's first student union a place "with a past and a future."

ROTC: Also in his opening report, Dr. Chodorow commented on the ROTC discussion held November 29 in his absence. He confirmed Col. Forte's report that the Naval ROTC was against an arm's-length arrangement, but said negotiations with the Army and Air Force ROTC leadership are continuing. He described some of the complexities stemming from turnover at the Pentagon. In the Q and A period afterward, Dr.Larry Gross reminded the Provost of Council's consistent position, over time, in advising that Department of Defense/ROTC policies contravene University policy on nondiscrimination. (The full exchange on ROTC is being transcribed for more complete publication next week; see also Speaking Out this week, p. 4.)

Graduate Education: Penn and other leading institutions are facing not only shrinkage but significant redesign of advanced degree programs in the graduate areas (as distinct from professional school programs), the Provost reported. This report will also be presented more fully next week after the proceedings are transcribed.