Following is the allocation proposal for student facilities in the Perelman Quadrangle core and related buildings, approved by the Perelman Committee on December 11, 1995. It was distributed at the University Council on January 17 by Vice Provost Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum, who asks that comment be sent to her immediately at the Office of the VPUL, 3611 Locust Walk/6222; or by fax to 898-0843; or by email to cade@pobox.

Proposed Space Allocation Policy for Perelman Quad


1. Only the Trustee statutory University-wide student governments (GAPSA and UA) and their constituent bodies will be assigned office space on the second floor of Houston Hall.

2. All student organizations registered with the Office of Student Life Activities and Facilities will have mail folders in a centralized location in Houston Hall and full access through sign-up to the third floor meeting rooms and production facilities designated for student organizations.

3. Any registered student organization may request annual assignment to an office area and/or locker in one of the suites designated for student activities in Houston Hall, Williams Hall or Irvine Auditorium. These spaces will be assigned in accordance with the procedures outlined below which are based on the process currently used by the Houston Hall Board to allocate space in Houston Hall and Irvine:

a) A Perelman Quad Space Allocation Board will review requests and assign office areas and/or lockers to interested organizations. The Board will be composed of representatives from all student government and umbrella groups, including but not limited to the Class Boards, GSAC, GAPSA, NEC, PAC, PVN, SPEC, SAC, UA and UMC, as well as at-large representatives appointed from the student body by NEC and GAPSA.

b) Each spring, the Allocation Board will publicize the process and timetable for space allocation for the following year. All groups with space in the current year must reapply for the following year if they wish to retain the space. All groups, new and continuing, will be allocated the appropriate type of space (locker, cubicle, semi-private area, etc.) based on such criteria as:

i. volume of documented activities or programs which warrants work space (e.g., public contact, intra-group communication, file storage, equipment, etc.).

ii. suitability of organizational functions to available space (e.g., privacy requirements, access to office, hours of operation, storage needs, etc.).

iii. proximity to other groups with similar goals and activities (where such proximity is desired).

iv. record of compliance with Allocations Board and Student Life Activities and Facilities guidelines for the use of office space.

c) If the Allocations Board is unable to decide on a particular space request or if the requesting organization believes a procedural error has resulted in an unfair decision, the Director of Student Life Activities and Facilities may be asked to hear an appeal. Otherwise, the Allocations Board has full authority to make student activity office space assignments in the Perelman Quad.

d) The Allocations Board will also establish guidelines for the use and maintenance of office space, and will mediate disputes between or among organizations as necessary in consultation with Student Life staff.

e) The Allocations Board, in consultation with Student Life staff, will conduct a periodic, comprehensive review of this process at least once every three years to better ensure that appropriate, and timely, modifications of this policy might be made to meet evidenced student activities needs.