A-3 Assembly

Chair's Report: Restructuring and Recognition

The was delivered at the University Council's stated meeting November 1, 1995:

Executive Vice President: As part of my scheduled monthly meetings with John Fry, one of our topics of discussion on November 16 will be the "Restructuring at Penn" report he presented to Council on October 11.

A-3 Employee of the Month: Each month the Employee Recognition Committee of the A-3 Assembly recognizes the contributions made by an A-3 in the University community. The committee, which is chaired by Betty Thomas, receives names of nominees for consideration from department heads, A-1s, as well as other A-3s. The names of potential nominees can also be submitted by faculty and other senior administrators too. There are many A-3s at the University who are worthy of such recognition. If there's an A-3 you'd like to nominate in recognition of their hard work, commitment and dedication give Betty Thomas a call at 898-7233 or by e-mail at thomas@A1.RELAY. [Ed. Note: See also the award criteria, and this month's winner, (both in) this issue, .]

Executive Board Elections: The Executive Board of the A-3 Assembly held nominations/elections on October 25, and now welcomes nine new members who share our vision and commitment--that the voice of the A-3 community continue to be heard.

-- Karen E. Wheeler, Chairperson

Additions to the A-3 Assembly Board

The chair later released the names of the newly elected board members of the A-3 Assembly:

Mr. Shawn Flack, Alumni Relations
Ms. Vicki Lopez, Career Planning and Placement (Wharton and Engineering)
Mr. Shelton Mercer III, Telecommunications
Ms. Yvonne McLean, Wharton Real Estate
Ms. Afi Roberson, African American Resource Center
Ms. Cheryl Shipman, Ben Franklin Scholars/General Honors
Ms. Vanessa Rae Silva, Office of the Secretary
Ms. Connie Vurwell, General Counsel
Mr. David Weinstein, Mail Service


Tuesday, November 14, 1995
Volume 42 Number 12

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